UK: 5% of children hospitalized with Covid-19 develop brain or nerve complications

A new UK study has found that around 1 in 20 of children hospitalised with COVID-19 develop brain or nerve complications linked to the viral infection. The research, published in The Lancet Child and Adolescent Health and led by the University of Liverpool, identifies a wide spectrum of neurological complications in children and suggests they may be more common than in adults admitted with COVID-19. report


Kirsty Allsopp: We have to learn to live with Covid

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UK Health Minister accuses 150,000 dead Britons of “cowering” from coronavirus

An utterly contemptible message from UK’s Health Minister today, dismissing as cowards the 150,000 people who have lost their lives to Covid-19 in Britain and taunting tens of millions who were ORDERED TO STAY AT HOME by HIS GOVERNMENT.

Loose talk costs lives, and this crass comment will certainly cost many more lives to the virus in future.



We have to learn to live with Covid.



Israel: School capsules to return, “not to follow the dangerous path of Britain”

The Israeli Director General of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Nachman Ash, does not rule out return to school capsules or bubbles.  Nachman Ash told Ynet that “we are preparing for a situation where there will be no choice but to reduce the size of the classrooms in red areas.” That the number of patients will rise sharply, not to follow the dangerous path of Britain.

On the preparations for the start of the school year, Prof. Ash said: “We are working very closely with the Ministry of Education to formulate a plan that includes both tests and a plan to prepare for situations where there are more infections and there are more contagious areas.”  With the professional factors, and we are moving forward to agree on the matter” When asked if it was for example capsules in a red area, he answered in the affirmative.

Israel is also considering introducing a new quarantine system for inbound travellers and has banned fully vaccinated tourists from entry. report (in Hebrew)


Israel: Pfizer vaccine effectiveness waning


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India: children returning to hospitals with long-covid symptoms like breathlessness, headaches, say Delhi doctors

Dr Nameet Jerath, Senior Consultant, Pediatric Intensive Care, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi, said most children previously infected with coronavirus have had mild Covid, but stressed that even those who were asymptomatic are having prolonged low grade fevers, weakness, headache even after recovery.

Dr Shuchin Bajaj, Founder-Director, Ujala Cygnus Group of Hospitals, said that children are facing the issue of brain fogging and are unable to remember what they studied.

“They do not have much energy left, are stressed, anxious. Parents might confuse brain fogging with children trying to make excuses to not study or attend online classes, but these are real symptoms,” he said.

Bajaj also said that in children who had severe Covid, symptoms like shortness of breath, developing severe heart rate even while going to toilet, severe headaches were found.

“These symptoms were found to be persisting for three to four months,” he added. report




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Israel: Delta #coronavirus outbreaks – Binyamina designated orange, Modiin Maccabim-Re’ut designated yellow

The Israeli Health Ministry reported 110 new coronavirus cases in Israel in the last 24 hours on Wednesday morning, bringing the total number of active cases to 554.   The town of Binyamina has been designated orange in the government’s coronavirus traffic light system, and Modiin Maccabim-Re’ut has been designated yellow.

Jerusalem Post report

In light of 110 new COVID-19 cases identified in Israel on Tuesday, the director-general of the Health Ministry, Chezy Levy, announced that people who came into contact with a carrier of a “dangerous strain” can be ordered to go into quarantine, even if they are inoculated. Masks will also be made compulsory at airports, border crossings, and medical facilities. Some 87 percent of the 110 news cases were infected within Israel, as efforts to address Israel’s handling of arrivals at its international airport continue. This is the second consecutive day in which the number of new daily cases lists above 100. Israel Delays Letting in Tourists in Effort to Contain COVID Delta Strain


Israel: increasing number of Delta #coronavirus outbreaks in schools

Israel: increasing number of Delta #coronavirus outbreaks in schools

In the past few days, several outbreaks have occurred in schools all over Israel, prompting the ministry to order students in three cities to wear masks and to consider issuing a stronger recommendation to get children ages 12-15 to get inoculated. At least a dozen teachers at a special needs school in the Sharon region tested positive for coronavirus, including 10 who were vaccinated.

On Saturday, the ministry announced that several coronavirus cases had been discovered in a school in Binyamina. After some 45 students tested positive, the ministry ordered on Sunday that masks must be worn in schools in Binyamina, Modi’in and Maccabim-Re’ut.

The preliminary results of the genetic sequencing suggest that the children are infected with the Delta variant

Jerusalem Post report


Israel: 50% vaccine breakthrough for #coronavirus cases in the last month



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UK: Dominic Cummings – Herd Immunity was always the official #coronavirus plan

38/”Media generally abysmal on covid but even I’ve been surprised by 1 thing: how many hacks have parroted Hancock’s line that ‘herd immunity wasn’t the plan’ when ‘herd immunity by Sep’ was *literally the official plan in all docs/graphs/meetings* until it was ditched

39/ Yes the media is often incompetent but something deeper is at work: much of SW1 was happy to believe Hancock’s bullshit that ‘it’s not the plan’ *so they didn’t have to face the shocking truth*. Most political hacks believe in ‘the system’…

40/ In week of 9/3, No10 was made aware by various people that the official plan wd lead to catastrophe. It was then replaced by Plan B. But how ‘herd immunity by Sep’ cd have been the plan until that week is a fundamental issue in the whole disaster

42/ No10 decided to lie: ‘herd immunity has never been… part of our coronavirus strategy’. V foolish, & appalling ethics, to lie about it. The right line wd have been what PM knows is true: our original plan was wrong & we changed when we realised

30/ Crucial data generally ignored by those who want to downplay covid danger, many 1000s will have serious health problems for years because of our failure to act faster/harder in Feb/March & Sep. Those who predicted this issue wd be ‘Gulf War syndrome bollocks’ were wrong

37/ If we’d had the right preparations + competent people in charge, we wd probably have avoided lockdown1, *definitely* no need for lockdowns 2&3. Given the plan was AWOL/disaster + awful decisions delayed everything, lockdown1 became necessary



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CDC: airborne #coronavirus infection possible at distances greater than six feet

Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 can occur from inhalation of virus in the air farther than six feet from an infectious source. With increasing distance from the source, the role of inhalation likewise increases.  Although infections through inhalation at distances greater than six feet from an infectious source are less likely than at closer distances, the phenomenon has been repeatedly documented under certain preventable circumstances.

These transmission events have involved the presence of an infectious person exhaling virus indoors for an extended time (more than 15 minutes and in some cases hours) leading to virus concentrations in the air space sufficient to transmit infections to people more than 6 feet away, and in some cases to people who have passed through that space soon after the infectious person left. Per published reports, factors that increase the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection under these circumstances include:

Enclosed spaces with inadequate ventilation or air handling within which the concentration of exhaled respiratory fluids, especially very fine droplets and aerosol particles, can build-up in the air space.

Increased exhalation of respiratory fluids if the infectious person is engaged in physical exertion or raises their voice (e.g., exercising, shouting, singing). 

Prolonged exposure to these conditions, typically more than 15 minutes.

CDC Scientific Brief: SARS-CoV-2 Transmission



Overwhelming evidence that indoor airborne transmission associated with relatively small, micron-scale aerosol droplets plays a dominant role in the spread of #coronavirus, especially for so-called “superspreading events”

“There is now overwhelming evidence that indoor airborne transmission associated with relatively small, micron-scale aerosol droplets plays a dominant role in the spread of COVID-19, especially for so-called “superspreading events”, which invariably occur indoors.”

For example, at the 2.5-h-long Skagit Valley Chorale choir practice that took place in Washington State on March 10, some 53 of 61 attendees were infected, presumably not all of them within 6 ft of the initially infected individual. Similarly, when 23 of 68 passengers were infected on a 2-h bus journey in Ningbo, China, their seated locations were uncorrelated with distance to the index case. Airborne transmission was also implicated in the COVID-19 outbreak between residents of a Korean high-rise building whose apartments were linked via air ducts.

Studies have also confirmed the presence of infectious SARS-CoV-2 virions in respiratory aerosols suspended in air samples collected at distances as large as 16 ft from infected patients in a hospital room. Further evidence for the dominance of indoor airborne transmission has come from an analysis of 7,324 early cases outside the Hubei Province, in 320 cities across mainland China. The authors found that all clusters of three or more cases occurred indoors, 80% arising inside apartment homes and 34% potentially involving public transportation; only a single transmission was recorded outdoors. Finally, the fact that face mask directives have been more effective than either lockdowns or social distancing in controlling the spread of COVID-19 is consistent with indoor airborne transmission as the primary driver of the global pandemic.

PNAS: A guideline to limit indoor airborne transmission of COVID-19



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Ireland: Shops most commonly visited places listed by people later infected with #coronavirus

The first comprehensive study of community transmission of Covid-19 in Ireland has identified shops as the most likely source of infection.  Of the 3,476 positive cases since then, 787 (22 per cent) were as a result of community transmission, where the source of infection is not known.  More than 60 per cent of these community transmission cases were recorded in Dublin.  Of those who did not know the source of their infection, 55.8 per cent mentioned shops as the most likely place they would have picked up the disease in the previous seven days.

This was followed by workplaces (15.6 per cent), primary schools (3.8 per cent), public transport or car sharing (3.5 per cent), travel at home or abroad (2 per cent), outdoor gatherings (1.9 per cent), pre-school gatherings (1.8 per cent) and outdoor sports activities (1.7 per cent). report


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EU: ECHR throws fuel on the #coronavirus vaccination fire – backs mandatory jabs for kids

The European Court of Human Rights ruled on Thursday that democratic governments can make vaccinations obligatory, in a landmark judgement rejecting complaints brought by Czech families penalised for refusing compulsory jabs for their children.

“The… measures could be regarded as being ‘necessary in a democratic society'” the court ruled, saying that the Czech health policy was consistent with the “best interests” of children.

Our opinion: ** Is there an easier or quicker way of antagonising parents in the middle of a global viral pandemic than encouraging mandatory vaccinations? We can’t think of one. Expect severe blowback ** report


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Children now playing ‘huge role’ in spread of #coronavirus variant B.1.1.7

Dr. Michael Osterholm is the Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota. “Please understand, this B.1.1.7 variant is a brand new ball game,” Osterholm said on NBC’s Meet the Press. “It infects kids very readily. Unlike previous strains of the virus, we didn’t see children under 8th grade get infected often or they were not frequently very ill, they didn’t transmit to the rest of the community. Anywhere you look where you see this emerging, you see that kids are playing a huge role in the transmission of this,” Osterholm said. “All the things that we had planned for about kids in schools with this virus are really no longer applicable. We’ve got to take a whole new look at this issue.” report



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UK: 122,000 NHS personnel and 114,000 teachers have Long Covid

At least 122,000 NHS personnel have Long Covid, the Office for National Statistics disclosed in a detailed report that showed 1.1 million people in the UK were affected by the condition. That is more than any other occupational group and ahead of teachers, of whom 114,000 have it.

Guardian report


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Classrooms evacuated as school installs CO2 alarms to warn of #coronavirus buildup

Pupils have twice been evacuated from classrooms at a New Forest, England, school after air monitors indicated the potential for a build-up of coronavirus.

Instruments have been installed at Ashley Junior School in all teaching spaces to measure the density of carbon dioxide being breathed out in a room by pupils and staff.

Once it hits a certain scale, a warning alerts teachers that fresh air is required as the atmosphere has become too stale and may contain unsafe amounts of coronavirus from potentially infected people. report


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