Ireland: Shops most commonly visited places listed by people later infected with coronavirus

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The first comprehensive study of community transmission of Covid-19 in Ireland has identified shops as the most likely source of infection.  Of the 3,476 positive cases since then, 787 (22 per cent) were as a result of community transmission, where the source of infection is not known.  More than 60 per cent of these community transmission cases were recorded in Dublin.  Of those who did not know the source of their infection, 55.8 per cent mentioned shops as the most likely place they would have picked up the disease in the previous seven days.

This was followed by workplaces (15.6 per cent), primary schools (3.8 per cent), public transport or car sharing (3.5 per cent), travel at home or abroad (2 per cent), outdoor gatherings (1.9 per cent), pre-school gatherings (1.8 per cent) and outdoor sports activities (1.7 per cent). report


Image by jenkill1986 from Pixabay

** This post was originally published on April 11, 2021 **