US and Mexico ask the WHO to declare a PHEIC over Fungal Meningitis

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Warning: This story has been heavily deamplified by Twitter. We are republishing the details here to make sure it is picked up by other outlets.

CBS news reported today that the US and the Mexico governments have asked the World Health Organisation to declare a Public Health Emergency of International Concern over an outbreak of FUNGAL MENINGITIS. It’s the sort of story that would normally make immediate headlines around the globe.

The CBS story claims that the outbreak of fungal meningitis is connected to surgeries carried out in Mexico on US residents, that there have been two deaths so far from about 200 reported cases.

But this story, as communicated  by CBS news, makes ZERO SENSE.

Either there is a fairly localized outbreak of fungal meningitis related to surgeries undertaken in Mexico, or there is a very large outbreak of  fungal meningitis which is of international concern. So which is it? It can’t be both!

You can read the full story on CBS below and decide for yourself whether 2 deaths from surgery in Mexico really warrants a PHEIC?

CBS: U.S., Mexico ask WHO for emergency declaration over deadly fungal outbreak

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