Stefano Paternò’s widow: “He was healthy, I have to answer my children”

Caterina Arena, the widow of Stefano Paternò, a non-commissioned officer in the Navy, who died at 43 in Misterbianco, the day after receiving the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine: “I have to give an answer to my children, me too. It is an answer that we all need to know.” 

“My husband was fine. He went on Monday morning at 10 to get the vaccine. He was in favor. He said to everyone: ‘Get vaccinated’. He was happy. In the afternoon, around 17, he went home. We went to pick up my son from training. A day like any other. Then, when we were about to go home, he said he felt chills, he measured his temperature and it was 39 degrees. He took the tachypirin, went to bed, he remeasured his temperature and he had it at 36.5 degrees. He was calm, he was fine. My husband didn’t suffer from anything. ”

In the evening, “we went to bed – he added – and, around 2, I hear a strange snore and then he begins to flap and all stiffens. His eyes were open, but they were looking into space. I immediately call my brother who lives above of me and then 118. We begin to do the heart massage, after about 15 minutes the ambulance arrives and the doctors intervene to help him, but after about 45 minutes they say he was dead “. “The night is the worst thing when I am with my children. They begin to ask: Mom, why did Daddy die? Aren’t you leaving us too?”, said the widow of Paternò. “ report




Autopsy today on the body of the soldier Stefano Paternò who died after #coronavirus vaccination

An autopsy on the body of Stefano Paternò, the 43-year-old non-commissioned officer of the Navy, serving in Augusta and residing in Misterbianco, who died a few hours after the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine, will be performed this afternoon at the Cannizzaro hospital in Catania.

For the Prosecutor of Syracuse, which is investigating for manslaughter, there will be a pool of experts. The Prosecutor Sabrina Gambino and the deputy Gaetano Bono, who coordinated the investigation, yesterday afternoon appointed the coroner Giuseppe Ragazzi, the hematologist expert in thrombosis Marco Marietta, the specialist in medical toxicology Nunziata Barbera and the specialist in infectious diseases Carmelo Iacobello . The military’s family will also appoint experts. There are four people under investigation for manslaughter. Report




Italy: Ten suspected of manslaughter after soldier dies following Astrazenica #coronavirus vaccination with batch ABV2856

Stefano Paternò, a 43-year-old soldier serving in Sircusa, Italy, died yesterday morning of a cardiac arrest in his home . The soldier the day before had undergone the first dose of vaccine from batch ABV2856, the one for which the Italian Medicines Agency AIFA asked for a stop.

On the case the Prosecutor of Syracuse has opened an investigation and ordered an autopsy. About ten people would be registered in the register of suspects, the entire distribution chain of the vaccine from the AstraZeneca company that produces it, up to the medical staff of the military hospital who took care of the inoculation. The charge for all is of manslaughter.

Paternò was a non-commissioned officer in the Navy in Augusta. Two days ago he had undergone the first dose of vaccine from the same batch of which today Aifa requested the seizure.

This is the story of his wife: “My husband had had the vaccine on Monday morning and in the afternoon he returned home and was fine. Around 7.30 pm he felt tremors, he was cold and measuring his temperature, he had a fever of 39. He took a tachypirna and the fever had gone down, he felt better and we went to sleep around 11 pm. In the night, however, I was awakened by his moans: he was shaking, wobbling in bed and breathing heavily “. Caterina Arena remembers having “immediately called 118 and in a very short time the doctors started to give him help in every way, even the heart massage, but there was nothing to do and the doctors could not understand from what that state had been determined. ” The woman then points out that “many of Stefano’s colleagues who have been vaccinated have had a high fever”.

The Public Prosecutor ordered the seizure of the ‘indicted’ lot in the possession of the ASP of Syracuse and reported the case to the AIFA. Tomorrow an autopsy will be performed on the victim’s body at the Cannizzaro hospital in Catania, while the are expected in the Etna capital inspectors sent by the Minister of Health .

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