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Autopsy today on the body of the soldier Stefano Paternò who died after #coronavirus vaccination

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An autopsy on the body of Stefano Paternò, the 43-year-old non-commissioned officer of the Navy, serving in Augusta and residing in Misterbianco, who died a few hours after the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine, will be performed this afternoon at the Cannizzaro hospital in Catania.

For the Prosecutor of Syracuse, which is investigating for manslaughter, there will be a pool of experts. The Prosecutor Sabrina Gambino and the deputy Gaetano Bono, who coordinated the investigation, yesterday afternoon appointed the coroner Giuseppe Ragazzi, the hematologist expert in thrombosis Marco Marietta, the specialist in medical toxicology Nunziata Barbera and the specialist in infectious diseases Carmelo Iacobello . The military’s family will also appoint experts. There are four people under investigation for manslaughter. Report