British Prime Minister finally confronted about Covid vaccine adverse events

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Rishi Sunak, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, has found himself on the end of withering criticism over his government’s response to adverse events resulting from the Covid-19 vaccine rollout.



Transcript of John Watt’s question:

I have so much to say but such little time. My name is John Watt and I am one of the Covid vaccine injured in this country.

I want you to look into my eyes, Rishi Sunak, and I want you to look at the pain, the trauma, and the regret that I have in my eyes.

We have been left with no help at all. I am not the only vaccine injured. Not only am I in here, there’s vaccine injured, there’s another man over there whose life has been ruined by the Covid-19 vaccine.

I know people who have lost legs, amputations, I know people with heart conditions like myself Rishi Sunak.

Why have I had to set up a support group in Scotland to look after the people that have been affected by that Covid-19 vaccine?

Why are the people who are in charge, who told us all to do the right thing,  have left us all to rot, and left me, and the thousands and the tens of thousands in this country to rot?

Rishi Sunak, look me in the eye. When are you going to start to do the right thing?

The vaccine damage payments scheme is not fit for purpose.

In Scotland right now, according to the yellow card system, there are over 30,000 people who have had an adverse reaction to that vaccine, including deaths.

It’s time for you to start doing the right thing Mr Rishi Sunak.


The Covid-19 vaccines used in the British rollout were the AstraZeneca vaccine, the Pfizer/Biontech mRNA vaccine, and the Moderna mRNA vaccine. The AstraZeneca vaccine was pulled from distribution early in the rollout after causing untold misery to those vaccinated with it, including blood clots on the brain.





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