Human and viral protein impurities found in AstraZeneca’s #coronavirus vaccine

“Researchers in Germany report substantial amounts of human and viral proteins in AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine. Although the study is not yet peer reviewed, it suggests that these impurities could be linked to the strong reaction seen in many people two to three days after their jab. The preprint also states that it is conceivable, albeit doubtful, that these proteins could be linked to rare blood-clotting events.

The study’s lead researcher, Stefan Kochanek from Ulm University, says he was surprised by the quantities of proteins detected by mass spectrometry in three vaccine lots. ‘At least half of the proteins present in the vaccine are of human origin,’ Kochanek says. One vaccine lot contained about 12.5μg of virus in one dose and about 22μg of non-virus proteins.” article

Research letter: Process-related impurities in the ChAdOx1 nCov-19 vaccine



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UK: Patrick Vallance and Chris Whitty’s grim prognosis on the coronavirus pandemic

Patrick Vallance: “This is a virus that is going to be with us forever.”  Chris Whitty: “We will have to live with this virus which will continue to cause severe infections and kill people for the rest of our lives.”  Boris Johnson: “There will be ..further surges of the disease.”


At 36:56, Patrick Vallance: “This is a virus that is going to be with us forever.”

At 36:48, Chris Whitty – “We will have to live with this virus which will continue to cause severe infections and kill people for the rest of our lives.”

At 40:05, Boris Johnson: “we will have a booster program for vaccines, and we’ll be setting that out very soon. There will be, as everybody has said, further surges of the disease.”

Welcome to the dark side lads!

Canada: 82% Delta vaccine breakthrough in Calgary Hospital #coronavirus outbreak

An outbreak of the Delta coronavirus variant at the Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary has seen 16 patients and six health-care workers tested positive for the variant.  Six of the patients and five of the health-care workers had received two doses of the vaccine, while seven patients and one health-care worker had a single dose. The total vaccine breakthrough rate is 81.82%.  All of those infected were vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine. report



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UK: PHE on Delta Variant – 6.2% vaccine breakthrough with both doses



UK: massive rise in Delta #coronavirus vaccine breakthrough cases



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Preprint: vaccine breakthrough #coronavirus infections may be common in transplant patients

“We studied 658 transplant recipients who received 2 doses of SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccine. At a median of 21 days after dose 1, antibody was detectable in 98 participants (15%). At a median of 29 days after dose 2, antibody was detectable in 357 participants (54%).  Overall, of the 658 participants, 98 (15%) had measurable antibody response after dose 1 and dose 2; 301 (46%) had no antibody response after dose 1 or dose 2; and 259 (39%) had no antibody response after dose 1 but subsequent antibody response after dose 2.” preprint: “Antibody Response to 2-Dose SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccine Series in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients”


Finland: 80% vaccine breakthrough in hospital with B16172 Delta #coronavirus variant – PPE no longer effective

Bahrain & UAE: Pfizer vaccine used as booster shot after two doses of Sinopharm

UAE and Bahrain continue to inject Pfizer vaccine to boost immunity for those who have received two full doses of Sinopharm from China.

These two Gulf countries have vaccinated the majority of the population with Covid-19, mainly with a vaccine manufactured by China National Pharmaceutical Corporation (Sinopharm).

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has administered more than 13 million doses of the vaccine to a population of more than 9.7 million, while Bahrain has injected at least 1.7 million doses, or 54.1% of the population.

However, Bahrain is now fighting the biggest wave of infections since the beginning of the pandemic, while the UAE is recording almost twice as many nCoV infections as it did seven months ago.

This fact forced the two countries to decide to give Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine as a “booster dose” for those who have had two full doses of Sinopharm. report (in Vietnamese)


Bahrain: #coronavirus cases surge to new high despite 40% of population being fully vaccinated


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Israel: some myocarditis cases linked to #coronavirus vaccines

“There is a likelihood of a connection between receiving a second dose of vaccine and the onset of myocarditis in young men aged 16-30.”

A number of myocarditis cases which were reported in the aftermath of the coronavirus vaccine were likely linked to the inoculation, the Israeli Health Ministry announced on Tuesday evening. The majority of the cases involved young men. 

Myocarditis is an inflammation of the heart muscle which can be caused by a viral infection but also appears as a reaction to a medication.

Jerusalem Post Report



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USA: #coronavirus vaccine breakthrough infections are potentially contagious

Researchers reported that among 20 fully-vaccinated healthcare workers with vaccine breakthrough COVID-19 cases, all were infected with coronavirus variants. An earlier study had linked breakthrough infections with low viral loads, suggesting low transmission risks, but “we found many samples in our breakthrough cohort with high viral load,” said coauthor Pavitra Roychoudhury of the University of Washington. CONTAGIOUS: “Our work suggests that not all breakthrough infections are at low risk of initiating transmission and, if they did, these infections could lead to the continued spread of variants of concern, particularly in areas with low vaccination rates.”

The CDC has genetic data for virus samples from 555 vaccine breakthrough infections. Mutated variants of the coronavirus, including those first seen in the UK and South Africa, accounted for 64% of the breakthroughs.

Vancouver Sun report

Medrxix preprint – Variants of concern are overrepresented among post-vaccination breakthrough infections of SARS-CoV-2 in Washington State

VICTIMS: “Vaccine-Induced Covid-19 Mimicry Syndrome”

FT: “the vaccines send the DNA gene sequences of the spike protein into the cell … Once inside the cell nucleus, certain parts of the spike protein splice, or split apart

During the last months many countries have started the immunization of millions of people by using vector-based vaccines. Unfortunately, severe side effects became overt during these vaccination campaigns: cerebral venous sinus thromboses (CVST), absolutely rare under normal life conditions, were found as a severe side effect that occured 4-14 days after first vaccinations. Besides CVST, Splanchnic Vein Thrombosis (SVT) was also observed. This type of adverse event has not been observed in the clinical studies of AstraZeneca, and therefore led immediately to a halt in vaccinations in several european countries.

These events were mostly associated with thrombocytopenia, and thus, similar to the well-known Heparin-induced thrombo­cytopenia (HIT). Meanwhile, scientists have proposed a mechanism to explain this vaccine-induced thrombocytopenia. However, they do not provide a satisfactory explanation for the late thromboembolic events. Here, we present data that may explain these severe side effects which have been attributed to adenoviral vaccines.

According to our results, transcription of wildtype and codon-optimized Spike open reading frames enables alternative splice events that lead to C-terminal truncated, soluble Spike protein variants. These soluble Spike variants may initiate severe side effects when binding to ACE2-expressing endothelial cells in blood vessels. In analogy to the thromboembolic events caused by Spike protein encoded by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, we termed the underlying disease mechanism the “Vaccine-Induced Covid-19 Mimicry” syndrome (VIC19M syndrome).

Researchgate paper “Vaccine-Induced Covid-19 Mimicry Syndrome: Splice reactions within the SARS-CoV-2 Spike open reading frame result in Spike protein variants that may cause thromboembolic events in patients immunized with vector-based vaccines”.

FT Article  “Scientists claim to have solved Covid vaccine blood-clot puzzle”



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The highest ever #coronavirus daily case rates recorded on Planet Earth – and it’s not India or Brazil

The highest ever daily country case figure for coronavirus on Planet Earth was recorded in The Seychelles in May 2021. The Seychelles daily case figure, adjusted for population, reached an astonishing 4,083 cases per million. 

What is also surprising is that many of the countries on the list with the highest daily case rates also have excellent vaccination rates (see below). The Seychelles, for example, has vaccinated more than 60% of its population.

The reasons behind some of the high daily case numbers are given in articles we have previously published and have linked to below.


Seychelles: a population of 100,000 that has 900 #coronavirus vaccine breakthrough cases

Maldives: 60% positivity rate in Greater Male – “High chance of new #coronavirus variant”

Uruguay: over 1,000 daily new confirmed COVID-19 cases per million people

Sweden’s daily #coronavirus case rate far higher than Brazil or India


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USA: Bill Maher Vaccine Breakthrough

HBO’s Bill Maher has tested positive for COVID-19, despite being fully vaccinated, his show announced Thursday.  Maher’s show, “Real Time with Bill Maher,” said in a statement posted to Twitter that the host tested positive during a weekly testing of all employees. He is asymptomatic and “feels fine,” the statement said. report



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UK: eleven vaccine breakthrough cases reported for B.1.617.2

Five people are in hospital in England with the Indian variant of coronavirus despite having been jabbed against the virus, Matt Hancock has revealed.  At least one of the five hospitalised has been given both vaccines as the strain continues to spread across the United Kingdom. The five mentioned by the UK Health Secretary are in the Bolton area of England, however it comes after the Daily Record revealed on Saturday that six people in Scotland are in hospital with the variant despite being inoculated.

Daily Record reports:

Scotland: [Six] Scots in hospital with Indian variant despite being vaccinated against Covid

England: Five people in hospital in England with Indian variant despite having coronavirus jab


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India: Covaxin and Covishield vaccines invoke 50% fewer antibodies against B.1.617 #coronavirus variant

Scientists at the Indian National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune, have found that both Covaxin and Covishield produce half as many antibodies against the B.1.617 variant of the novel coronavirus as against the ‘original’ B.1 variant.

The scientists conducted their studies with blood sera (plural of serum, the fluid part of the blood) obtained from people who had received either two doses of *Covaxin or two doses of *Covishield. They were motivated by the need to understand how the vaccines’ efficacies varied against infections due to newer strains of the virus. The B.1.617 variant – made up of three sub-lineages – is accounting for more cases in India. The UK recently elevated the B.1.617.2 sub-lineage as a ‘variant of concern’. report

*Covaxin was developed by Indian pharmaceutical company Bharat Biotech in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research

*Covishield is India’s version of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine manufactured in Pune by the Serum Institute of India


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UK: Princess Michael of Kent is being treated for blood clots after receiving two doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine

Princess Michael of Kent is being treated for blood clots after receiving two doses of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine – although no link has been established. Sources close to the 76-year-old said concerns for her health emerged after she received her second jab earlier this year. The royal has been recovering at home for almost a month.

‘The Princess has been unwell and has sought medical attention,’ a source told the Sun on Sunday. ‘It has been a worrying time for those around her. It has been difficult for those close to her to see her suffering. She’s really been through it.’

The AstraZeneca vaccine has come under scrutiny in Europe after being linked to a very small number of blood clot cases. A scientific review by UK medical regulator MHRA concluded in April that evidence of a link between the vaccine and rare blood clots ‘is stronger but more work is still needed’. report


UK: Eric Clapton had a ‘disastrous reaction’ to AstraZeneca #coronavirus vaccination, made him fear he’d never play again




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