CDC forced to release 7.8 million free text fields from the Covid-19 V-Safe program

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United States District Court Judge Matthew J. Kacsmaryk has issued a 30-page decision that orders the CDC to release the 7.8 million free text fields from the Covid-19 V-safe program to the public.

The CDC must release hundreds of thousands of these entries each month and all the entries must be released on or before January 15, 2025.

The CDC had argued that it never had to turn over the entries to the public because it was too burdensome to redact the entries. The Court vehemently disagreed and granted expedited processing, recognizing that “Predictably, the American public now seeks access to COVID-related papers to ensure that relevant government policies were — and still are — supported and justified by the available data.”

From the Freedom Coalition of Doctors for Choice website



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Image by Image by Ulli Hansmann from Pixabay