Italy: Two children die shortly after 2nd Pfizer vaccination

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Giulia Lucenti died aged 16, the day after the vaccine. “Giulia dreamed to be able to work abroad in the field of robotics. “The memories of mum Oxana and dad Lorenzo dissolve in the excruciating pain of having lost their only daughter at only 16 years old,“ sixteen hours after the second vaccine dose” specifies the mother. 

Majda El Azrak, 14-year-old girl, went into a coma two days after receiving the second dose of Pfizer vaccine: the young woman died after 26 days.  The first dose of the vaccine Pfizer on July 22, the second on August 17. The following day, August 18, severe headache and swelling in one eye that made it necessary to be hospitalized, on August 19, at the Tricase hospital in Bari. A few hours later the clinical picture worsened up to in a state of coma, which lasted 26 days at the “Giovanni XXIII” hospital. She died like that Majda El Azrak, a young Ruffanese girl of Moroccan origins.

Reports from Italy24 news: Guilia Lucenti, Majda El Azrak


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** This post was originally published on September 26, 2021 **