Denmark: Over 71,000 Covid-19 vaccine adverse events reported

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Hundreds of Danes have received compensation for Covid-19 vaccine injuries.

Denmark’s Berlingske Newspaper has published an extraordinary report detailing some of the injuries caused by the Covid-19 vaccines in Denmark.

Successful claims for compensation from those vaccine injuries already number in the hundreds.

According to, over 70,000 Danes have filed a vaccine adverse event report. (Let’s just remind ourselves, at this point, that Denmark has an estimated population of under 6 million people – that’s less than the population of New York City!)



The newspaper article links to a 2023 report by the Danish Medicines Agency that shows that there have been over 71,000 suspected adverse events related to Covid-19 vaccines, of which, over 7,500 are referred to as serious, up to 2023.


Here is that Danish Medicines Agency 2023 report in full, translated by Google into English:

Denmark – Status of surveillance of the safety of vaccines



You can read the full Berlingske report here (it’s in Danish, so you might need to install a translator)

The Danish Medicines report can be downloaded here (PDF in Danish)

Is this just the tip of a much larger iceberg though? Note this sentence from the Danish Medicines Agency report:




Denmark abandons Covid-19 vaccinations for under-18s



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