Denmark: Omicron BA.2.H78Y cases stable in Week 9 infections report

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Denmark has published its latest Covid-19 infections report for Week 9 of 2022. As per last week, there is little change in the BA.2.H78Y infection rate, which still represents around 27% of all BA.2 infections. As the total level of cases falls across Denmark, other sub-variants of Omicron such as BA.1.1 are also struggling to compete with the dominant BA.2 variant.

“The number of new hospital admissions has increased by 11% in week 8 …the number of COVID-related deaths has increased in week 8  …there are still signs of slight excess mortality*.”

We are republishing the Week 9 infections document below, translated into English, and we will be linking to our previous coverage of Denmark’s Covid-19 infection reports at the bottom of this post.



Ugentlige-tendenser-covid19-andre-luftvejs-uge9-2022-9a7g English


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We mentioned in our coverage of the Week 8 report last week that wastewater measurements in Denmark were still increasing, despite the overall drop in cases. That seems to have been, er, rectified this week….

“From week 8, the curve of SARS-CoV-2 concentration in wastewater is shown as a weekly average of RNA copies per capita. Previously, the curves showed a moving weighted average. However, this meant that the curves were adjusted slightly backwards in time, in line with new wastewater measurements.”


* Slight excess mortality?


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** This post was originally published on March 3, 2022 **