Denmark: Omicron BA.2.H78Y cases level off in Week 8 infections report

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Denmark has just released its latest Covid-19 infections report for Week 8 of 2022. It shows that, after several weeks of sustained growth, cases of the BA.2.H78Y subvariant seem to be levelling off compared to the dominant BA.2 variant.

The BA.2.H78Y variant is down just over 1% from the previous week, but it still makes up 26.55% of sequences. These are very early figures though, genome sequencing can take several weeks to complete, with the totals updated accordingly, so the numbers in next week’s report may look quite different to those in this report.

We are republishing the translated Week 8 infections document below, and we will be linking to our previous coverage of Denmark’s Covid-19 infection reports at the bottom of this post.


“The share of BA.2 out of all cases continues to increase, and amounts to approx. 96% in week 7 compared to approx. 92% in week 6. A stable proportion of BA.2 cases are BA.2 with the mutation H78Y. BA.1 and BA.1.1 now make up only approx. 4%. It should be noted that the latest figures of variants for week 7 should be interpreted with reservations, as the number of sequences is still low.”


The entire infections report, translated into English, is below.

Ugentlige-tendenser-covid19-andre-luftvejs-uge8-2022-6fr8 – English


One other point to note from the infections report is that despite Covid testing showing that cases are dropping in Denmark, hospital inpatient numbers are still going up, and wastewater measurements show that virus levels are still increasing:


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** This post was originally published on February 27, 2022 **