Denmark: 715 Covid deaths in the double and triple vaccinated, 607,000 breakthrough infections

From a vaccinated population of around 4.7 million people, 715 double and triple vaccinated individuals have died of Covid-19 in Denmark. There were a further 326 deaths in people with a single dose of vaccine, making a total of 1,041 breakthrough deaths.

434,803 people who have received two doses of vaccine have had breakthrough Covid infections, and 105,271 people with booster doses have also had a breakthrough infection. A further 67,749 infections in people with a single dose of vaccine, making a total of 607,823 breakthrough infections.

Breakthrough infections seem to be running at about 150,000 a week in Denmark.




Denmark’s SSI Breakthrough infections and vaccine efficacy report (In English and Danish)

SSI Webpage (in English)


Denmark: About 75% of Covid hospitalizations are fully vaccinated *13 UPDATES*

Israel: 4th vaccine dose recommended for all adults

A panel of health experts advising the Israeli cabinet on the fight against the coronavirus pandemic has recommended that a 4th vaccine dose be administered to the population over the age of 18 if at least five months passed since receiving the third jab. report



Israel: Fourth dose of vaccine gives limited protection against Omicron infection




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Europe: Another huge Covid wave is building right across the continent

Almost every country in Europe is now seeing a big increase in Covid cases. In many instances, the waves are already higher than the December 2021 wave.

The chart above shows the situation in Europe at the moment. The pandemic seems to have shifted into an entirely different gear. 

The chart below shows a comparison with previous Covid waves:


The current wave in Europe is not entirely made up of Omicron cases either. In some countries, more than 50% of cases are still Delta variant.


Last year’s winter wave of 2020/2021 showed signs of having had a double peak, one in November/December 2020, the other in January 2021, with a further lift in cases in March 2021, but all of them were on a much smaller scale than this new winter wave:


Under the circumstances, removing all Covid mitigations now, as the UK is proposing to do, would be completely insane.


So what can we do? Well, we can do what we should have been doing since February 2020!
  • FREE masks – FFP2 minimum
  • FREE testing
  • FREE ventilation installations, particularly schools and shops
  • Full sick pay for self-isolation of up to 14 days
  • Smaller classrooms located across communities to protect our kids
  • Working from home wherever possible
  • Less contact, reducing unnecessary interactions
  • Less meetings, less flights, less travel, less cruises, less holidays
  • Less festivals, less concerts, less sports events, less garden parties
  • Eat a better diet
  • Support each other
  • Stop hoping big pharma will bail us out – they won’t, they can’t

The virus has outsmarted us, it has outwitted us, and it’s winning hands down. It’s hardly surprising given how dimwitted and clumsy our response has been so far.

It’s a pandemic. Do we really have to wait for our fourth or fifth infection to work this simple shit out?

New Zealand: Isolation period for Covid cases extended to 14 days

New Zealand has extended its isolation period for Covid cases from ten days to 14 days. The extension is in response to the increased infectiousness of the Omicron variant.  Close contacts of cases, who were previously required to isolate for seven days, must now isolate for 10 days.

The change comes after a person in Palmerston North tested positive for the Omicron variant after they were released from a managed isolation and quarantine (MIQ) facility in Christchurch on January 16.  During their isolation period, the person returned five negative Covid-19 tests, but became symptomatic and tested positive three days after they were released. report


UPDATE 1 – 22nd January 2022:

The latest New Zealand Covid measures could see household contacts of a positive case isolating for 24 days. report


** FULLY PAID ISOLATION OF INFECTED PEOPLE after a confirmed test is the sort of mitigation governments should have been focusing on from the very first day of the pandemic, rather than pinning all of their hopes on the single line of defence of repeated vaccinations. **


Some people still infectious with Covid after 68 days



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Italy: 385 Covid deaths and 188,000 new cases in one day despite the harshest restrictions on Earth

Where did it all go wrong for Italy? The pandemic got off to a hideous start in Bergamo, Northern Italy, in 2020, and the country has since gone from one crisis to another in the pandemic.  Italy is now in the midst of one of the worst Omicron battles in the world, despite compulsory vaccinations, vaccine passports, fines for not being vaccinated, and all the other accoutrements of a dystopian police state.


Covid case rates have risen again today to over 188,000 new cases in one day:


Covid deaths rates are also still rising as the Omicron wave continues:


The Delta variant is still at 17 percent of cases in Italy:


Italy: 2 cases of Deltacron reported, but they’re NOT recombinant variants



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CDC: Prior Covid-19 infection offered better protection than vaccination during Delta wave

CDC: “Before Delta became the predominant variant in June, case rates were higher among persons who survived a previous infection than persons who were vaccinated alone. By early October, persons who survived a previous infection had lower case rates than persons who were vaccinated alone.”

CDC website


Surviving a previous Covid infection provided better protection than vaccination against Covid-19 during the Delta wave, US federal health authorities said, citing research showing that both the shots and recovery from the virus provided significant defense.

Wall Street Journal report


Czech Republic abandons mandatory Covid vaccination



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UK: 1,129 Covid deaths in three days

There have been 1,129 Covid deaths in the last 3 days in the UK. Coronavirus cases are now rising again. Does this sound like the final days of a two year-long pandemic, or the right time to remove ALL mitigations?

We can only think of four possible reasons why the UK government are removing all Covid mitigations in the middle of a winter wave:

1) It’s camouflage for Boris Johnson’s spectacular career implosion

2) There’s a party booked for 10 Downing Street this weekend

3) There’s been an outbreak of mass delusion in the entire ruling elite

4) The UK needs to raise more taxes in a hurry


Covid cases are back on the rise:


1,129 Covid deaths in 3 days:


1,125 Covid deaths in three days is over FOUR TIMES the number of British casualties during the ENTIRE Falklands war. 255 British servicemen were killed liberating the Falklands.

Sadly, you can’t just wish away a pandemic, no matter how hard you try.  There is absolutely no way this can end well.






Dr Steve James: I would rather go for a natural health approach than a vaccine

A TalkRadio interview with Dr. Steve James, the iCU doctor who stood up to UK Health Minister Sajid Javid recently when Javid insisted that mandatory vaccinations for health workers would go ahead in Britain.

The interview is well worth a listen, if only as an antidote to the increasingly toxic pro-vaccination campaign that is currently being promoted by almost every other media outlet and politician in the country. 

As booster vaccine doses become less potent at combating Covid in future, a natural health approach could become the primary (and perhaps even the only) weapon we have to fight the virus. Don’t knock it.



Israel: Fourth dose of vaccine gives limited protection against Omicron infection


Israel: Fourth dose of vaccine gives limited protection against Omicron infection

Preliminary results from the study conducted at Sheba Medical Center showed that after receiving the fourth shot, participants developed higher coronavirus antibody levels, but they were only partly effective in preventing Omicron infections.

Full story at


Lead researcher Prof Gili Regev-Yochay said the third dose resulted in “much higher antibodies, neutralization and the antibodies were not just higher in quantity but also in quality” than the second dose – but the fourth vaccine did not show  significant antibody increase.

”Maybe there are a few more antibodies but not much more compared to the third dose,” said Regev-Yochay.






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France: B.1.640 declared a VOI after more than 500 cases found

Sars-CoV-2 variant B.1.640 has been reclassified as a Variant of Interest in France after a new risk assessment showed there have been more than 500 cases on the French mainland, with cases also discovered in the UK and Germany. Other countries in Europe, from Africa, Asia and North America, have also detected this variant, which could suggest an onset of diffusion.

Variant 20A/C – B.1.640 – is classified as a VOI from 05/01/2022, and continues to circulate in Metropolitan France: it represented 0.5% of interpretable sequences for Flash Surveys S48 and 49, and 0.6% for Flash S50.

B.1.640 was detected in 12 of the 13 regions of Metropolitan France since the beginning of October 2021. The regions with the most cases have identified are Hauts-de-France (N=189, in particular the Nord department), Île-de-France (N=185) and Normandy (n=152)



Variant B.1.640 is now classified VOI since the risk analysis of 05/01/2022, on the basis of the continuation of its circulation in France and preliminary in vitro data, indicating a decrease in the effectiveness of neutralization by vaccine or post-infection antibodies, and therefore a possible escape from the immune response. The circulation of B.1.640 continues at low levels in mainland France: 0.1% for the Flash S51 survey and 0.2% for the Flash survey S52.

A total of 437 sequences of VOI B.1.640 have been deposited in the international GISAID database in 05/01/2022, of which 72% come from France (315). The other countries that have identified this virus are the Republic Congo (N=40), United Kingdom (N=21) and Germany (N=19). However, other countries in Europe, from Africa, Asia and North America, some of which have limited sequencing capabilities, have detected this variant, which could suggest an onset of diffusion.

The identified B.1.640 sequences match mostly to the B.1.640.1 sub-lineage. Among these 437 sequences, 21 carry the E484K mutation, characteristic of sub-line B.1.640.2 (i.e. 4.8%, according to GISAID data). If the E484K mutation has an impact on immune response escape, too few cases have currently been detected to draw conclusions about the characteristics of B.1.640.2 compared to B.1.640.1. In this analysis of risk, no distinction will be made between these two sub-lineages.

VOI B.1.640 has also detected in Reunion, with three cases in total, including one case identified as part of the Flash S43 investigation (25-29/10/2021).

The circulation of the 20A/C variant (B.1.640) continues in France, despite the emergence of Omicron. From preliminary in vitro data produced by the National Reference Center for Respiratory Infection Viruses indicate a decrease in the effectiveness of neutralizing antibodies post-infection or post-vaccination, and therefore a possible escape from the immune response. Variant B.1.640 is therefore now classified as a VOI (variant to follow).

The recently discovered sub-lineage B.1.640.2 (aka IHU) now has 21 cases in France. 

Information for this report has been combined from Variant Risk Analysis dated 12th November 2021 and Variant Risk Analysis dated 5th January 2022 (they’re both in French)


UPDATE 1 – 17th January 2022

10th March 2021: International Journal of Infectious Diseases – Genomic surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 in the Republic of Congo


Czech Republic: B.1.640 family cluster identified in Hradec Kralove, East Bohemia


France: new coronavirus variant B.1.640 detected in Finistère, Brittany





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UK SAGE: New Omicron wave predicted for April 2022

“These projections are extended to the end of July 2022. These show an ‘exit’ wave due to increased mixing and waning vaccine immunity. Precise timing and magnitude of this exit wave is highly dependent on both population behaviour and the scale of the current wave and cannot be predicted with any certainty. “

UK SAGE Document: University of Warwick: Omicron modelling, 6 January 2022 


Will Omicron break the 120-day Sars-CoV-2 global wave cycle?







UK: Covid-19 infections, hospitalizations and deaths by vaccination status for week 2, 2022

A new report out today by the UK Health and Security Agency gives figures for Covid infections, hospitalizations and deaths by vaccination status for the period in which Omicron became dominant in Britain.

UK Covid Infections:


UK Hospitalizations:

UK Covid Deaths:


UKHSA Covid-19 vaccine surveillance report for week 2, 2022




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EMA: Immune system could be overloaded by booster vaccinations

The European Medicines Agency warned this week that repeated booster shots are not a sustainable long-term plan. The EMA pointed out that getting a booster every four months could potentially result in diminishing someone’s immune response. “We should be careful in not overloading the immune system with repeated immunization,” a spokesman said.


At 22.40, Booster doses could overload the immune system…

Is some sanity finally breaking out at the top?


Canada: Quebec to force unvaccinated to pay ‘significant’ financial penalty *1 UPDATE*

Quebec, in Canada, will charge a health tax to residents who are not vaccinated against Covid-19. The premier of Quebec has announced that it would be the first in the nation to financially penalise the unvaccinated.

Meanwhile, in Toronto, Canada, the figures for Covid hospitalizations show a completely different story to the Canadian narrative that hospitals are bursting with the unvaccinated.

Toronto Covid case rates are also far higher for the fully vaccinated. The balance has been completely tipped since December 2021 by the Omicron variant, which seems to prefer infecting the vaccinated. 

Even Toronto ICU cases are fairly evenly split as Delta variant cases make their way through the hospital system. 

All that we can see, stretching far into the future, is lawsuits against those responsible for the blatant discrimination and harrassment against the unvaccinated. Let’s hope that those that are making these rash decisions are held personally liable when the judgements roll in.

Crowdfunder anyone?


UPDATE 1 – 12 January 2022

** The people in charge of Quebec appear to have completely lost their minds **

Quebec judge suspends unvaccinated father’s visitation rights with child

A Quebec Superior Court judge has temporarily suspended a father’s right to see his child based on evidence that the man is not vaccinated against COVID-19 and appears to oppose government anti-pandemic health measures. report