Sweden: 70yr old woman dies of blood clots and low levels of platelets following AstraZeneca vaccination

“I can confirm that we have received another report of a suspected death linked to vaccination last week,” writes Veronica Arthurson, unit manager at the Medical Products Agency in a text message to SVT.  The woman in her 70s was completely healthy when she was vaccinated with Astra Zeneca’s vaccine, according to relatives. A few days later, she got the unusual side effects – blood clots and low levels of platelets – which have been the focus of the EU Medicines Agency’s review of the vaccine, according to SVT.

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Sweden: so much for Herd Immunity and Light Touch pandemic policies

“Instead of following evolving evidence, the [Swedish] FHM has doubled down and defended its approach without reconsidering the assumptions on which the failed national approach is based. It has downplayed the roles of asymptomatic spread, aerosol transmission, children as potential source of infection, and the use of face masks. It has maintained an approach that mainly builds on recommendations to take voluntary actions, guided (in our view) more by public opinion than by sound public health policy. “

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is one simple graph like this worth?

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Sweden: Highest number of #coronavirus patients in intensive care since May 2020

The number of people with Covid-19 in intensive care units in Sweden has hit its highest point since the first wave, according to data from the Swedish Intensive Care Registry on Monday. There are currently at least 393 people in intensive care with Covid-19 across the country.

That topped the 389 who were treated in ICUs in early January, but was below the number in intensive care during the first wave of the pandemic in spring 2020, when the total reached as high as 558.

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Sweden’s daily #coronavirus case rate far higher than Brazil or India

The spread of infection in Sweden on Friday was 625 new confirmed infections per day per one million inhabitants and the spread has increased since April 2 when it was 469 per one million inhabitants. The figures are based on an average over the last seven days.

According to Johns Hopkins University’s figures , the average value for the number of infections in Europe right now is 231 new confirmed cases per day and one million inhabitants – in the USA the figure is 205. Sweden’s figures are thus about three times as high.

Only the two small states of San Marino with 711 and Andorra with 630 new confirmed infected per day per million inhabitants have higher numbers.

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EU: ECHR throws fuel on the #coronavirus vaccination fire – backs mandatory jabs for kids

The European Court of Human Rights ruled on Thursday that democratic governments can make vaccinations obligatory, in a landmark judgement rejecting complaints brought by Czech families penalised for refusing compulsory jabs for their children.

“The… measures could be regarded as being ‘necessary in a democratic society'” the court ruled, saying that the Czech health policy was consistent with the “best interests” of children.

Our opinion: ** Is there an easier or quicker way of antagonising parents in the middle of a global viral pandemic than encouraging mandatory vaccinations? We can’t think of one. Expect severe blowback **

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Sweden: new case of suspected blood clots following Astrazeneca #coronavirus vaccine

Another Swedish case is now being investigated for a suspected connection between blood clots and AstraZeneca’s vaccine. It concerns a woman employed in care in the 30s, who now receives intensive care, the Medical Products Agency states.

This is the second confirmed case in Sweden where it concerns an established combination of blood clots and low levels of platelets in a person who has received AstraZeneca’s corona vaccine.

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25% of #coronavirus patients in Uppsala, Sweden are in intensive care

“It will get worse before it gets better.” The words are from the chief physician Magnus von Seth, who sees up close how the third wave strikes with force against Uppsala, Sweden.

Right now, every fourth covid patient in the county is cared for at IVA.  “This time it is younger patients we are admitting,” he says.

The Academic Hospital’s intensive care unit is again under high pressure. This weekend, another five very seriously ill patients were admitted, which meant that every fourth covid patient in the county was cared for at IVA.

To find a worse situation, you have to go back to the first half of April last year. The peak came on April 9, when 30 percent of all patients in the Uppsala Region were in intensive care.

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AstraZeneca may have used outdated info in its #corornavirus vaccine trial

Results from a U.S. trial of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine may have used “outdated information,” federal health officials said early Tuesday.

The Data and Safety Monitoring Board said in a statement that it was concerned that AstraZeneca may have provided an incomplete view of the efficacy data of the two-dose vaccine.

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Outbreak of South African #coronavirus variant B.1.351 in Uppsala, Sweden

By March 15, 18 cases had been identified by mutation screening, but the region feared the number was just the tip of the iceberg.

Since then, the outbreak has grown, and the number of infected students is now 47. At the same time, about 15 cases of the variant have also been discovered outside the university, according to Mats Martinell.

“In total, there are about 60 cases in Uppsala. So it is not just students, but we have a social spread.”

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Young people’s mental health deteriorated during the #coronavirus pandemic

Swedish reports and surveys clearly show that young people’s mental health is negatively affected during the coronavirus pandemic.

Curt Hagquist, visiting professor of public health science at the University of Gothenburg, is concerned about the consequences: Especially for the young people who have already had worries in life before. And that health gap, the gap between those who are well and those who are less well. That gap widens during this pandemic, if we do not see what is happening with open eyes and try to parry for it, says Curt Hagquist.

He also says that a lot of research shows clear links between financial anxiety and increased mental illness. High school students have been affected by the pandemic at an important start in life; and many, after a year of pandemic, mostly distance education and social isolation, see a rather uncertain future for themselves.

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Swedish Karolinska Institutute’s #coronavirus vaccine must be given with an electric shock

The DNA coronavirus vaccine that is being developed at Karolinska Institutet will be given together with a small electric shock in the arm, which will ensure that the DNA-based vaccine reaches its destination.

The DNA vaccine involves injecting at the same time as you get a small electric shock in the area where you were vaccinated, and this causes the vaccine to enter our cells, says Ali Mirazimi.

It is called electroporation when you take some electricity to help the vaccine’s DNA particles get into our cells. The coronavirus vaccine that is currently being developed at Karolinska Institutet is a DNA vaccine, which, unlike the RNA vaccine, must enter the cell nucleus in order to function. However, it is not a question of the vaccine being able to become part of our own DNA, as it lacks certain elements required for something like this to happen.

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EMA: If you have these symptoms after vaccination with AstraZeneca #coronavirus serum seek medical help immediately

“Wheezing, chest or stomach pain, swelling or coldness in an arm or leg, severe headache or worsening or blurred vision after vaccination, persistent bleeding, small multiple bruises, reddish or purplish spots or blisters of blood under the skin” – if you have these symptoms after vaccination against Covid with AstraZeneca serum seek medical help immediately and report that you have recently been vaccinated.

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First potentially AstraZeneca #coronavirus vaccine-related deaths in Sweden

The Swedish Medical Products Agency, Läkemedelsverket, is investigating the deaths of two people who had recently received the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine.

Late Thursday, the European Medicines Agency announced it was safe to continue using Astra Zeneca’s vaccine.

Läkemedelsverket comments that “so far, we have neither been able to prove nor disprove a connection between these deaths and the vaccine.”

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