EU: ECHR throws fuel on the #coronavirus vaccination fire – backs mandatory jabs for kids

The European Court of Human Rights ruled on Thursday that democratic governments can make vaccinations obligatory, in a landmark judgement rejecting complaints brought by Czech families penalised for refusing compulsory jabs for their children.

“The… measures could be regarded as being ‘necessary in a democratic society'” the court ruled, saying that the Czech health policy was consistent with the “best interests” of children.

Our opinion: ** Is there an easier or quicker way of antagonising parents in the middle of a global viral pandemic than encouraging mandatory vaccinations? We can’t think of one. Expect severe blowback ** report


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Record new #coronavirus infection figures in Poland

The Polish Ministry of Health reports 35,143 new infections and 443 deaths from coronavirus. That’s about 9,100 more infections than a week ago. There are 391,000 active infections.

In Friday’s announcement, the Health ministry informs about 35,143 new cases of coronavirus from the following voivodeships: Mazowieckie (5264), Śląskie (5095), Wielkopolskie (4141), Dolnośląskie (2876), Małopolskie (2826), Pomeranian (2625), Kujawsko-Pomorskie (1940) , Łódź (1872), Podkarpackie (1716), West Pomeranian (1113), Lublin (1073), Warmian-Masurian (1067), Lubuskie (874), Świętokrzyskie (822), Opole (694), Podlasie (529). 616 infections are data without specifying an address, which will be completed by the sanitary inspection. report


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EMA: If you have these symptoms after vaccination with AstraZeneca #coronavirus serum seek medical help immediately

“Wheezing, chest or stomach pain, swelling or coldness in an arm or leg, severe headache or worsening or blurred vision after vaccination, persistent bleeding, small multiple bruises, reddish or purplish spots or blisters of blood under the skin” – if you have these symptoms after vaccination against Covid with AstraZeneca serum seek medical help immediately and report that you have recently been vaccinated.

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EMA: Anaphylaxis and hypersensitivity reactions should be included in the list of possible side effects of the Astrazeneca vaccine

European Medicines Agency (EMA), the corona vaccine from the manufacturer Astra-Zeneca can cause severe allergic reactions. Anaphylaxis and hypersensitivity reactions should be included in the list of possible side effects of the vaccine citing , the EMA said on Friday, several such cases in the UK. report


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AstraZeneca halves #coronavirus vaccine delivery to the EU – export restrictions to blame

The European Commission received the message from AstraZeneca on Thursday afternoon (11 March 2021). According to Sweden’s vaccination coordinator Richard Bergström, it is export restrictions and not production capacity that are behind it.

Astra Zeneca has really made an effort to find volumes to live up to the contract. 75 million doses would come from the United States, the United Kingdom and to some extent from India in the second quarter. Now we have just been told that we will not get rid of these doses, says Richard Bergström to TV4.

The USA and India, where AstraZeneca’s has production, have introduced export bans to ensure that they themselves get enough vaccine. The fact that the vaccine cannot be delivered from the UK has contractual reasons.

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#Poland finds first case of #COVID19 in #Mink

The Polish health minister has said mink on a farm in north-western Poland will be culled after the SARS-Cov-2 virus was detected.

It is the first time the virus has been found in mink on Polish fur farms.

Adam Niedzielski said that sanitary officers are also checking the health of the farm’s owner and its employees.

The ministry wrote in a Sunday press release that the country’s veterinary inspectorate had taken steps to seal off a farm in the county of Kartuzy. “Administrative measures to eliminate animals” were also initiated, the statement read.


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60 million confirmed #coronavirus infections globally, and the rate is still increasing

There have now been more than 60,000,000 confirmed coronavirus infections globally and the infection rate is still increasing.

Eight #coronavirus cases found on Polish mink farm

Scientists from the Medical University of Gdansk have found eight cases of Covid-19 in mink at a mink farm in northern Poland.

Poland began to test its farmed mink for coronavirus this month, following the discovery of a mutated virus in farmed mink in Denmark, which resulted in a national mink cull.

Last week authorities disclosed that 18 cases of coronavirus had been found in workers on Polish mink farms since the pandemic began. It is not thought that these workers were infected by the animals.

The statement from The University of Gdansk said: “this is the first case of confirmed infection with SARS-CoV-2 in farm animals in Poland.” Two scientists examined 91 mink for Covid-19, eight of which tested positive.




Poland finds #COVID19 cases among #mink farm workers

Poland has found 18 cases of coronavirus among mink farm workers as it continues tests among the animals, but does not believe the workers were infected by the animals, sanitary and veterinary authorities said.

Poland, which is a major producer of mink fur, started coronavirus tests among its farmed minks and checks among the workers earlier this month after a mutated virus was detected in farmed minks in Denmark, leading to a nationwide cull there



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EU warns not enough #COVID vaccines for all in Europe until 2022

Only part of the European Union population can be inoculated against the new coronavirus before 2022, EU officials said in an internal meeting, as the vaccines the bloc is securing may not prove effective or may not be manufactured in sufficient doses


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