BF.7: Another contender for global domination

The XBB and BQ.1 variants have recently been making headlines, but another SARS-CoV-2 variant, BF.7 has been closely tracking their success across the globe. BF.7, an alias for BA.5.2.1, was […]

ECDC & WHO: Joint statement on hepatitis in kids

The World Health Organisation have issued a joint statement with the ECDC on the recent cases of hepatitis in children.  It seems that both organisations are determined to continue with […]

West European summer Covid wave brewing *6 updates, 1 prediction*

A new western European summer Covid wave appears to be developing, with increases in cases in countries that also saw large waves in the summer of 2021. Firstly, let’s take […]

Spillover of SARS-CoV-2 across Europe from the war in Ukraine

This is a new post that will be tracking the possible spillover of SARS-CoV-2 from the war zone in Ukraine and into neighbouring countries. With so many people now on […]

Europe: Another huge Covid wave is building right across the continent

Almost every country in Europe is now seeing a big increase in Covid cases. In many instances, the waves are already higher than the December 2021 wave. The chart above […]

Europe: all-time Covid infection record broken by growing winter superwave

Europe has broken through its all-time high for Covid cases, and is seeing sharp increases in infections right across the continent. The Covid superwave that started in Eastern Europe just […]

Europe: explosive Covid growth rates, steeper than the winter wave of 2020 in many countries

Europe is seeing some stunning increases in the daily Covid case rate across much of the continent. In many cases, the rates of increase are steeper even than the winter […]