#Austria and #Denmark to work with #Israel on future #coronavirus vaccines – EU ‘too slow’

Austria’s chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, described the EU’s vaccination deployment as “too slow” as he announced that his country and Denmark would work with Israel on protecting their citizens against new coronavirus variants.

The move by the two member states to form a vaccine manufacturing partnership comes as the latest figures show that 7.5% of the EU population have received a vaccine dose compared with 52% in Israel and 31% in the UK.

“We must prepare for further mutations and should no longer be dependent solely on the EU in the production of second-generation vaccines,” Kurz said.

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By Bundesministerium für Europa, Integration und Äusseres – Arbeitsbesuch Israel, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=38585833

Around 1,500 positive #coronavirus tests in #Austria #schools since February 8th

Since the return to to- face- face teaching in Austria’s schools on February 8, around 1,500 positive coronavirus cases have been discovered after the corona tests.

In the third week alone, there were 904 positive tests – 619 for students and 285 for teachers and administrative staff, said a spokesman for the Ministry of Education. A total of 1.4 million tests have been made in schools since Monday.

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14 people test positive for B.1.1.7 #coronavirus in Osnabrück despite having 2nd vaccine jab

14 vaccinated retirement home residents tested positive for B.1.1.7 UK coronavirus variant

There has been an outbreak of the British variant of coronavirus in a retirement and nursing home in the Belm district of Osnabrück in Germany.

As the district announced, all residents had been vaccinated for the second time on January 25th with the Pfizer Biontech vaccine.

Nevertheless, the in 14 seniors virus is B.1.1.7 has been proven. The home, all employees and their families have been quarantined.

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60 million confirmed #coronavirus infections globally, and the rate is still increasing

There have now been more than 60,000,000 confirmed coronavirus infections globally and the infection rate is still increasing.


#Austria goes back into full #coronavirus lockdown

Austria decides on a tough lockdown. Most of the shops and all schools are closing. “Don’t meet anyone!” Says Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

All shops except those for basic supplies have to close, as well as schools and service providers such as hairdressers or beauticians who have close customer contact.



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