Austria: full lockdown for vaccinated and unvaccinated planned

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Two states in Austria will restrict public life for vaccinated and unvaccinated people starting next week as hospitals strain under the latest surge in coronavirus infections. The general lockdown in the states — Salzburg and Upper Austria — goes into effect a week after the country imposed broad restrictions on the activities of unvaccinated people.

The general lockdown in the two states, which is expected to last at least several weeks, comes amid record caseloads. The Austrian authorities registered 15,609 new cases in a single day nationwide on Tuesday, a record in the country since the pandemic began. About 40 percent of those cases were in Salzburg and Upper Austria. report


Austria is one of several central European countries who are seeing record-breaking Covid growth rates in the past month:


Prediction: European Covid winter wave of 2021 will be the worst wave of the pandemic so far



Image by Wolfgang Zimmel from Pixabay

** This post was originally published on November 18, 2021 **