Isreal: 11% of kids who got coronavirus now suffer from Long Covid

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More than 10 percent of Israeli children who were diagnosed with the coronavirus show signs of suffering from long COVID, the Israeli Health Ministry announced Monday.

According to the data, gathered from a follow-up survey of parents of 13,864 children aged 3-18 who had recovered from the virus, 11.2% reported symptoms of long COVID.  Of those who reported long-term symptoms, 1.8% of children under 12 and 4.6% of those aged 12 to 18 were still suffering from symptoms six months after the illness, the survey found, noting that the probability increased with age.

Among those 12 to 18, chances of long COVID were higher among those who had coronavirus symptoms. However, researchers also found long COVID even among 3.5% of the children who were asymptomatic when they tested positive.

TimesofIsrael report


Millions of British schoolkids have been infected with Covid since the pandemic began, 400,000 kids were infected in British schools in September alone. The long covid case rate in Britain for children could be around 40,000 plus cases in September alone.


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** This post was originally published on November 17, 2021 **