Long Covid: Petition calls on Germany to expedite BC007 clinical trials

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A new petition on Change.org calls on the German government to expedite clinical trials for BC007, a promising potential treatment for Long COVID.

The Change.org petition is here

Press release from Friedrich-Alexander-Universitätm, Erlangen-Nürnberg re BC 007



BC007 NOW- Chance of a cure for millions of suffering people


We call on the German government to financially support the approval studies of the company Berlin Cures GmbH for the drug BC 007 and to remove bureaucratic hurdles to enable an accelerated approval process.

We call on the German government to expand biomedical research on long-covid, ME/CFS and post-vaccine syndrome and to increase government funding for further clinical trials and appropriate therapies to at least 100 million euros for an initial period of 24 months.

We call on the German government to expand the long-covid outpatient clinics into interdisciplinary treatment centers, to improve the network between medical disciplines and to promote further training for physicians in the aforementioned pathologies.

We call on the German government to simplify the bureaucratic processes for social security for those affected.


In Germany alone, an estimated 300,000 people have developed myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) before the pandemic, including 40,000 children and adolescents. Recent studies show that approximately 10% of all Covid-19 infected individuals develop long or post-covid syndrome. In this context, about 40% of long-covid patients meet the diagnostic criteria for ME/CFS, a severe neuroimmunological disorder. [1,2] Underlying multisystemic inflammatory processes can occur after covid-19 infection as well as after vaccination, which is referred to as post-vaccine syndrome. [3-8]

What does this mean for the people affected?

Triathletes who suddenly find themselves in a wheelchair – medical students who can no longer solve basic math problems of first grade – affected who lie in darkened rooms because of over-sensitivity to any kind of stimuli with some even receiving liquid food because they can’t manage to lift their head off their pillow – thirteen-year-olds who can no longer sit upright, are carried to the toilet and have to stay away from school – people committing suicide due to the severity of the disease and the lack of therapies.

Promising drug

​More than a year ago, four long-covid patients were treated with the drug BC 007 of the start-up company Berlin Cures GmbH in individual healing attempts at the University of Erlangen. With only a single intravenous administration of BC007 an enormous remission of the symptoms could be achieved, so that one could speak of a cure. A further treatment attempt of a ME/CFS patient who had been affected for years also showed efficacy and improved her condition enormously. [9,10] The effect of the drug BC007, in addition to binding the spike protein, lies mainly in neutralizing the autoantibodies against G protein-coupled receptors, which have been scientifically detected in more than 90% of the tested patients with Long Covid syndrome and are suspected to cause the symptoms. [11,12]

Common benefit of the drug for several disease pattern

Not only long-covid patients could benefit from BC007, but also ME/CFS and post-vaccine affected. This can be explained by the fact that these clinical pictures show great similarities. To validate the efficacy of BC 007, a large clinical trial is currently being intended by the company Berlin Cures GmbH. [13] However, due to missing financial and administrative support from the German government the approval of the drug may still drag on for many years. Time that those affected do not have! 

When compared internationally, Germany invests very little money in research into the disease patterns. Even the action plan presented by the German Society for ME/CFS and Long Covid Germany is not being implemented as called for. This leaves millions of severely ill people who are left alone with their suffering without effective therapies and medical care. This is not only tantamount to a failure to provide assistance, but also represents the quietest humanitarian disaster in the world!

Join us

The demands of the petition are in the interest of the entire population, since Long-Covid can affect anyone and represents an extreme burden for our health and social system. The loss of countless workers due to illness over a long period of time, or even forever, also causes considerable damage to the economy. If you have the same goals as we do, sign and spread this petition.

Do not look away!

This petition is represented by:

@nichtgenesen Instagram campaign (Long-/Post-Covid-Syndrome)

Faraz Fallahi (ME/CFS)

Felicia Binger​ (Post-Vaccine-Syndrome)


The Change.org petition is here

Press release from Friedrich-Alexander-Universitätm, Erlangen-Nürnberg re BC 007



Long COVID: Two more patients treated with experimental drug BC 007 see improvements in symptoms





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** This post was originally published on September 12, 2022 **