Survey: Reinfection worsens Long Covid

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Reinfection worsens symptoms of Long COVID or triggers a recurrence of symptoms in people who have recovered.

Survey results were similar across adults and young people. As many as 89% of respondents first got Long COVID after their first infection, compared with 10% after the second infection, and just 1% after the third infection. Overwhelmingly, reinfection worsened the symptoms of Long COVID in most people who were still symptomatic.

In those who still had Long COVID at the time of reinfection, 80% saw their symptoms worsen vs. 10% who saw their Long COVID symptoms improve. Around 85% saw old symptoms return or new additional symptoms vs. 10% who had a resolution or improvement of symptoms.

In 60% of people who were in recovery or remission with Long COVID, reinfection caused a recurrence of Long COVID.

Survey: Effect of Covid Reinfection on People Living With Long Covid


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** This post was originally published on September 18, 2022 **