U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson roundtable discussion: Contamination of mRNA vaccines with DNA

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The latest Covid roundtable discussion, chaired by Senator Ron Johnson, featuring 21 guest speakers.

The clip below features Kevin McKernan’s testimony on the contamination of mRNA vaccines with DNA fragments.

A link to the full roundtable discussion is given below, and it is well worth a watch. The full discussion contains nearly four and a half hours of solid information that no mainstream media outlet will want you to hear.






You can view the FULL roundtable discussion on Rumble here

The roundtable discussion features:

Senator Ron Johnson
Dr. Robert Malone, MD
Dr. Jessica Rose, PhD
Mr. Ed Dowd
Mr. Kevin McKernan
Dr. David Gortler, PharmD
Dr. Harvey Risch, MD, PhD
Ms. Barbara Loe Fisher
Dr. Brian Hooker, PhD
Mr. Del Bigtree
Dr. Sabine Hazan, MD
Dr. Pierre Kory, MD
Dr. Christian Perronne, MD, PhD Dr. Raphael Lataster, PhD
Ms. Lara Logan
Mr. Jason Christoff
Mr. Rodney Palmer
Dr. Mattias Desmet, PhD
Dr. Bret Weinstein, PhD
Mr. Randy Hillier
Dr. Sorin Titus Muncaciu
Mr. Rob Roos
Mr. Phillip Kruse



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