CDC: 81% of adults with Long Covid experience limitations in their daily activities

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The US CDC has issued a new report on Long Covid showing the long term impact that the virus is having on some people.

An astonishing 81%, or more than 4 out of five people with Long Covid symptoms, are experiencing limitations in their daily activities.

Young adults between ages 18 and 29 had the highest share of people currently with long COVID who have trouble performing daily tasks, at 86.3%. Meanwhile, those between ages 40 and 49 had the lowest share, at 76.1%.

When current long COVID patients were broken down by race/ethnicity, Black Americans were the most likely to report problems performing day-to-day activities, at 84.1%. This was also the racial group most likely to report significant limitations, along with white Americans.

The data showed that Asian Americans have the smallest share of long COVID patients with trouble performing daily tasks, at 76.7%.

The survey did not report data for most states. However, of the 14 states with data, Texas had the highest percentage of long COVID patients with activity limitations at 87.6% and Kentucky had the lowest percentage at 69%.

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** This post was originally published on October 6, 2022 **