Italy: Covid infections up 52% in one week *1 Update*

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Italy has seen a sharp rise in coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and admissions to ICU in the past week.

Covid infections are up by 51.9% in one week, ordinary hospitalizations are up by 31.8% and ICU cases are up 21% in the same period.

Infections are running (+51.9%), the intensive curve is inverted (+21.1%) and there is a jump in ordinary hospitalizations (+ 31.8%), while deaths drop by 8.5% . The increase in cases is significant: from 160,829 units in the previous week to 244,353, while deaths drop from 307 to 281.

Currently positive cases are also growing (491,811 in the last week vs 444,389 in the previous week), home isolation (486,842 vs 440,608), hospitalizations with symptoms (4,814 vs 3,653) and intensive care (155 vs 128).

On the hospital front, after more than two months of decline, there is a reversal of the trend in intensive care (+21.1%), and a clear jump (+31.8% ) in admissions to the medical area.

Admissions to intensive care, after having reached the minimum since July 2021 last week, have almost doubled with a 7-day moving average of 21 admissions/day vs 11 admissions/day.

Deaths continue to decrease: 281 in the last 7 days (of which 6 referring to previous periods), with an average of 40 per day compared to 44 in the previous week. report (in Italian)


UPDATE 1 – 7th October 2022 – big increase in incidence rate, R rate now at 1.18

New leap in incidence and R rate.

The weekly incidence at national level rises to 441 per 100,000 inhabitants (30/09/2022 -06/10/2022) against 325 per 100,000 inhabitants last week (23/09/2022 -29 / 09/2022).

There was also a sharp increase in the transmissibility index Rt: in the period 14 September-27 September, the Rt was equal to 1.18 (range 0.98-1.52), an increase compared to the previous week (when it was equal to a 1) and above the epidemic threshold value.

Rt based on hospitalized cases is also increasing, at 1.28. This is highlighted by the weekly monitoring Iss-Ministry of Health. report (in Italian)




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** This post was originally published on October 6, 2022 **