#Norway – 800 in quarantine after B.1.1.7 #coronavirus outbreak at fitness centre

Harstad Municipality in Norway is introducing stricter measures and putting around 800 people in quarantine after a coronavirus outbreak at the fitness center Family Sports Club in Seljestad.

On Saturday, Harstad Municipality received confirmation of eight new corona cases. All eight people have been to the Family Sports Club fitness center, which has now been closed.

Everyone who has been to the fitness center between Monday afternoon and Friday is considered to be a close contact of infected people, and has to immediately go into quarantine for ten days, the Municipality warned on Saturday.

The National Institute of Public Health (FHI) has asked the Municipality to treat the outbreak as if the British mutation of the coronavirus was confirmed.

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#Oslo, Norway: new #coronavirus #lockdown closes restaurants, non-essential shops & secondary schools

In Oslo, all restaurants, except take-away services, and non-essential shops, except groceries, pharmacies and liquor stores, will have to close from Tuesday, while the “red” level is imposed at upper secondary schools, meaning that students, who were fully back at school, will now do some online learning.

All organised outdoor leisure activities for adults, as well as private gatherings and home visits should be avoided, except for kids, Johansen said.

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Fully vaccinated nursing home resident in #Oslo tests positive for #coronavirus

A resident at Ellingsrudhjemmet in Oslo has tested positive for the coronavirus – after receiving two doses of the corona vaccine, Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reports.

The infection was discovered after a second sample from a fully vaccinated resident was positive. An earlier test had given a negative result, according to NRK.

Two employees at the nursing home have also tested positive for the coronavirus.

A total of 23 employees and 22 residents have been quarantined after the outbreak.

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#Sweden bans entry from #Norway following #B117 outbreak in #Oslo

Sweden will soon introduce an entry ban from Norway to reduce the risk of the spread of infection. The message comes from Mikael Damberg after the outbreak of the British mutation in the Oslo area. According to Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg, the border will be closed at midnight, the night before Monday.



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Norway raises estimated death toll from #Pfizer-Biontech #coronavirus #vaccine to 29

Norway expressed increasing concern about the safety of the Pfizer Inc. vaccine on elderly people with serious underlying health conditions after raising an estimate of the number who died after receiving inoculations to 29.

The latest figure adds six to the number of known fatalities in Norway, and lowers the age group thought to be affected to 75 from 80



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Norwegian Medicines Agency links 13 deaths to #coronavirus vaccine side effects

The Norwegian Medicines Agency linked 13 deaths to the corona vaccine’s side effects. Those who died had two things in common – they were old and frail.

A total of 23 deaths have been reported in connection with the corona vaccination.

So far, 13 of these have been assessed. 

“The reports might indicate that common side effects from mRNA vaccines, such as fever and nausea, may have led to deaths in some frail patients,” chief physician Sigurd Hortemo in the Norwegian Medicines Agency noted.



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60 million confirmed #coronavirus infections globally, and the rate is still increasing

There have now been more than 60,000,000 confirmed coronavirus infections globally and the infection rate is still increasing.


Schoolchildren account for almost a quarter of coronavirus infections in Oslo

A total of 23% of the new cases of coronavirus infection in Oslo, Norway, in the first week after the City Council closed down large parts of the city again were among school students.

Most infections were among students in upper secondary and secondary school age.



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#Coronavirus #mutation could hamper #vaccine development

New strain first emerged in Scotland and has now spread to 12 other countries but is not making the disease more severe or transmissible

A team of scientists from institutions around the world, including the universities of Glasgow, Edinburgh and Liverpool, has conducted an indepth study of an emerging strain of the virus that has been shown in clinical trials to evade monoclonal antibodies – the first tailored treatment for Covid-19.

The dominant strain of Covid-19 is known as D614G but back in March a new variant, known as N439K emerged, which was found in more than 500 people in Scotland. This variation disappeared during lockdown but later re-emerged in Romania and has now been observed in 12 countries, including Norway, Germany and the United States



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