Omicron in Norway: a warning to the world

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Norway’s latest Covid figures show soaring numbers of infections and hospital inpatients, with big increases in both ICU and ventilated patients. Omicron does NOT look like a mild variant in Norway!

The latest Norwegian infection figures show a wave that is already THREE TIMES LARGER than any previous wave in Norway.


The positivity rate in Norway now exceeds 20%:


Norwegian hospital inpatient numbers look likely to break all records shortly:


Intensive care patient numbers are also rising dramatically:


And patients on ventilators are increasing too:


Deaths are currently lagging other indicators, but we suspect it will not be for long..:


Quite why there is so little urgency to deal with the threat of this new variant is completely inexplicable.  This is a NEW PANDEMIC. The old pandemic rules no longer apply. Wake up world.



Omicron: 73% attack rate at Oslo restaurant superspreader event


Omicron: 73% attack rate at Oslo restaurant superspreader event





** This post was originally published on December 10, 2021 **