Norway: Omicron infections rise to 120 130 in “unstoppable” Christmas superspreader event

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Up to 120 people have so far been confirmed infected with corona after the Louise Restaurant, Oslo, Christmas table. The health authorities take no chances and consider all those infected to be unchromically infected until the sequencing results should prove otherwise.

A little over 70 are connected to the Scatec Christmas table, while 45-50 are other guests at the Louise restaurant the same evening, says the infection control doctor.

We are now trying to slow it down, but can not stop it, says Tine Ravlo, assistant district doctor and infection control doctor in district Frogner, to Dagbladet. report


UPDATE: There are currently three Omicron superspreader events under investigation in Norway:

  • November 26: Christmas dinner at Louise Restaurant, Oslo: More than 120 people have been confirmed infected with corona in connection with an outbreak at the Louise restaurant at Aker Brygge in Oslo. Just over 70 of those infected belonged to the Christmas table of the solar energy company Scatec. The others were guests at the nightclub the same evening, November 26. All known cases so far were fully vaccinated, with two doses.

  • November 27: Christmas table at Maarud in Sør-Odal: At least 42 people have been diagnosed with infection after a Christmas table at Maarud in Sør-Odal municipality. Among those infected are employees of the company, hosts, and entertainment actors. The municipal chief believes that there is reason to believe that this is the omikron variant, but that the municipality has not received an answer to the tests that have been sent for sequencing.

  • November 29 and 30: Conference at Lysebu in Oslo: Seven people have been confirmed infected, and about a hundred have been quarantined after an HR conference organized by Abelia. Results from screening place three cases as “likely omicron”. All those infected in the outbreak are fully vaccinated with two doses. The infected come from six different municipalities in five counties.

UPDATE 6/12/2021: The number is increasing: Now more than 130 people have been infected after a Christmas dinner at Aker Brygge. More than half have now received a “probable Omicron” on screening tests. report


Original report Christmas dinner at Louise Restaurant, Oslo below:

Norway: Nearly 100 Omicron infections from one Oslo Christmas party

** This post was originally published on December 5, 2021 **