Israel: “85-90% of the hospitalizations are in fully vaccinated people”

Dr Kobi Haviv, Herzog Hospital, Jerusalem: “95% of the severe patients are vaccinated”. “85-90% of the hospitalizations are in fully vaccinated people.” “The effectiveness of the vaccine is waning/fading out”


So what is Plan B if the vaccines fail with a new coronavirus super-variant?



USA, Maryland: “I went to a party with 14 other vaccinated people; 11 of us got COVID”

I’m an epidemiologist at a major medical research university.  I had gone to a house party in Montgomery County. There were 15 adults there, all of us fully vaccinated. The next day, our host started to feel sick. The day after that, she tested positive for COVID-19. At this point, 11 of the 15 have tested positive for COVID.

Baltimore Sun report



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Dominic Minghella on “Learning to live with Covid”

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USA: Cape Cod superspreader – 79% of breakthrough infections symptomatic, 80% of hospitalized were fully vaccinated

Scientists researching the Provincetown, Cape Cod Covid outbreak reported that 79 percent of the breakthrough infections were symptomatic. Four of five people who were hospitalized were fully vaccinated.

The CDC study “raises the very worrisome possibility that high viral loads can occur in people who have Delta, and this is a fundamental as we have to approach the fall and winter,” said David O’Connor, a professor of pathology and laboratory medicine at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.

Washington Post report



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Kit Yates on “We have to learn to live with the virus”

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Kirsty Allsopp: We have to learn to live with Covid

Netherlands: 1,100 people infected with Covid-19 at superspreader test event festival

At least 130 visitors were already infected with Covid-19 despite the mandatory entrance tests when they went to the Dutch music festival ‘Verknipt’ in the first weekend of July. Afterwards, 1,100 of the 20,000 festival-goers tested positive there.

The Dutch health service points to the too long validity of the rapid tests at the time. “This research shows how vulnerable working with access tests is,” says virologist Steven Van Gucht. report



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Netherlands superspreader event sees one person infect 180 people in nightclub

The coronavirus outbreak at the Aspen Valley nightclub in Enschede on June 26 that resulted in 180 people contracting the coronavirus can be traced back to one person, an investigation from the GGD Twente showed. Other factors also facilitated the widespread of the disease on that night.

“There are strong indications there was one person infected with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus present who caused the remaining infections”, said Dr. Sanne Mensink of the GGD in a statement. Attendees were required to show proof of vaccination or negative coronavirus test upon entry. report


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USA: Provincetown, Cape Cod outbreak – 882 infections, 74% fully immunized, most reporting symptoms

As of Thursday, 882 people were tied to the Provincetown outbreak. Among those living in Massachusetts, 74% of them were fully immunized, yet officials said the vast majority were also reporting symptoms. Seven people were reported hospitalized.

ABCnews.go report

CDC Report





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We have to learn to live with Covid.

“Learning to live with Covid” will be coming to your country soon. Be prepared.


Boris Johnson tells Britons to “learn to live with Covid


UK: Third Covid-19 wave is the worst yet

UK: ONS estimates over 800,000 had Covid-19 this week

The latest ONS survey of UK Covid-19 infection has confirmed our suspicion that the Covid-19 epidemic has spiralled out of control in Britain, with more than 800,000 estimated to have been infected in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland last week.

England: 741,700estimated 
Scotland: 65,100
Wales: 14,400
Northern Ireland: 10,900
Total: 832,100

ONS Covid-19 survey


UK: No wonder the app is pinging – around 1 million people currently have Covid-19 in Britain

UK: No wonder the app is pinging – around 1 million people currently have Covid-19 in Britain

The ZOE UK Covid-19 app is showing that nearly ¾ of a million people currently have symptomatic Covid-19. Around 30% of Covid-19 cases tend to be asymptomatic, which means the total number of people with the virus in Britain could be around 1 million at present. No wonder the app is pinging!

Zoe Covid App website

On the 22nd July 2021, the UK Zoe Covid-19 app is showing new daily cases in Britain at more than 60,000 a day, whereas the official website is showing new daily cases at less than 40,000….. coronavirus website



UK: nearly 100 covid deaths, 750 hospitalizations, outbreak looking as bad as January 2021

The coronavirus outbreak in the UK is worsening with deaths almost doubling to 100 a day and hospitalizations increasing to 750 a day on 20th July 2021.

The UK “Freedom Day”, when all Covid restrictions were lifted, came into force on 19th July 2021.



The images below show the outbreak in January 2021, the peak of the last wave.



And, despite a massive vaccination campaign which has seen most British adults vaccinated, this is the most recent outbreak map for 15th July 2021:



UK: with 2 million Long Covid cases and 20,000 new coronavirus infections every day, is this really the right time to lift restrictions?

UK: London sees a large rise in coronavirus cases as Freedom Day looms


UK: with 2 million Long Covid cases and 20,000 new coronavirus infections every day, is this really the right time to lift restrictions?


UK: 60% of UK Covid-19 hospital cases are double vaccinated

UK: 60% of UK Covid-19 hospital cases are double vaccinated

Sir Patrick Vallance has said in the latest 10 Downing Street press conference that 60% of people hospitalized with Covid-19 have had two vaccine jabs.

In the video below, at 18 minutes:

Q: Out of all the daily announced Covid cases what percentage of these have had none, one or both of their vaccination injections?

Patrick Vallance: Well, in terms of the number of people in hospital, who have been double vaccinated, we know it’s around 60% of the people being admitted to hospital with Covid have been double vaccinated, and that is not surprising, because the vaccines are not 100% effective, they’re very, very effective, but not 100%, and as a higher proportion of the population is double vaccinated, it’s inevitable that those 10% of that very large number remain at risk and therefore will be amongst the people who both catch the infection and end up in hospital.


UPDATE: Patrick Vallance has since issued a statement saying that his remarks at the press conference were incorrect. Apparently only 40% of Covid-19 hospital cases are vaccine breakthroughs at the moment! 


Israel: Pfizer vaccine effectiveness waning


Last week, the UK vaccine breakthrough figure was 47% and that included people with just one vaccine jab:

UK: vaccine breakthroughs now nearly HALF of all new Covid-19 cases

UK: Despite vaccinations, one in six council areas in England now recording highest Covid numbers since last summer

The list of councils includes almost all local authority areas in north-east England, close to a half in south-west England and nearly a third in Yorkshire and the Humber.  Data also shows that every local area in England is now recording coronavirus rates above the symbolic level of 100 cases per 100,000 people – the first time this has happened since early January, at the peak of the second wave.

Some 50 of the 315 local authority areas in England (16%) are currently recording Covid-19 case rates that are higher than any point since mass testing began, PA analysis shows.  Eight of these are in north-east England: Redcar & Cleveland (1,268.0 cases per 100,000 people – the highest anywhere in England); Middlesbrough (1,178.9); Hartlepool (1,061.3); Sunderland (1,036.7); Stockton-on-Tees (944.5); Darlington (863.3); County Durham (783.3); and Northumberland (674.6). In neighbouring Yorkshire & the Humber, six areas currently have record rates: Doncaster (729.1), Wakefield (667.2), Leeds (599.4), Richmondshire (575.1), Hambleton (552.4) and East Riding of Yorkshire (517.9).

Guardian report

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