Shi Zhengli: We need to learn to live with the virus

Shi Zhengli, China’s ‘Bat Woman’, has said that new variants of Sars-Cov-2 will continue to emerge, but that vaccines are ‘effective’.  “We shouldn’t panic, but we need to prepare to co-exist with the virus in the long term,” Shi told media on Wednesday. report



UK: 5% of children hospitalized with Covid-19 develop brain or nerve complications

A new UK study has found that around 1 in 20 of children hospitalised with COVID-19 develop brain or nerve complications linked to the viral infection. The research, published in The Lancet Child and Adolescent Health and led by the University of Liverpool, identifies a wide spectrum of neurological complications in children and suggests they may be more common than in adults admitted with COVID-19. report


Kirsty Allsopp: We have to learn to live with Covid

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Dominic Minghella on “Learning to live with Covid”

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Kit Yates on “We have to learn to live with the virus”

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Kirsty Allsopp: We have to learn to live with Covid

USA: Joe Biden says Covid long haulers will have access to disability protections

US President Joe Biden says Covid long haulers will have access to disability protections – the first world leader to do the right thing on this issue.  After yesterday’s video conference with Survivor_Corps where long Covid survivors and their families gave extraordinarily harrowing accounts of their situations (see below), let’s hope Joe Biden is as good as his word.  We are all soldiers in a war against an unseen enemy that has taken millions of lives already, with millions more to come.  Let’s leave no soldier behind. report

USA: Long covid patient engagement and care needs

Indonesia: Mortality rate in children as high as 40% in PCR confirmed Covid-19 cases

During the study period, 490 [child] patients were admitted and diagnosed with suspected and probable COVID-19. Of these patients, 50 (10.2%) were confirmed to have COVID-19, and 20 (40%) had a fatal outcome.

The fatality rate was higher in patients aged ≥10 years, categorized with severe disease upon admission, PaO2/FiO2 ratio ≤300 mmHg and chronic underlying diseases. The most common clinical manifestations were generalized symptoms, while acute respiratory distress syndrome (8/20) and septic shock (7/20) were the two most common causes of death. Increased procalcitonin, D-dimer, lactate dehydrogenase and presepsin levels were found in all fatal cases. One patient met the criteria of multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children.

Conclusion: Our work highlights the high mortality rate in paediatric patients with positive SARS-CoV-2 polymerase chain reaction test. These findings might be related to or co-incided with COVID-19 infection. Further studies are needed to improve understanding of the role of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 in elaborating the mechanisms leading to death in children with comorbidities.

Pubmed paper: Mortality in children with positive SARS-CoV-2 polymerase chain reaction test: Lessons learned from a tertiary referral hospital in Indonesia 

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NYtimes report: Children Are Dying as Virus Surges in Indonesia – hundreds have died from Covid-19 in recent weeks, many of them under the age of 5.




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We have to learn to live with Covid.

“Learning to live with Covid” will be coming to your country soon. Be prepared.


Boris Johnson tells Britons to “learn to live with Covid


UK: Third Covid-19 wave is the worst yet

More than half of young people with mild Covid-19 infections experienced Long Covid

Researchers at Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen, Norway, have followed 312 Covid-19 patients for an entire year. 247 of them home-isolated, while 65 were hospitalized. At six months, 61 per cent of all patients had persistent symptoms, the researchers found. Among those who home-isolated, 52 per cent still experienced various symptoms after half a year. report




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UK: Despite vaccinations, one in six council areas in England now recording highest Covid numbers since last summer

The list of councils includes almost all local authority areas in north-east England, close to a half in south-west England and nearly a third in Yorkshire and the Humber.  Data also shows that every local area in England is now recording coronavirus rates above the symbolic level of 100 cases per 100,000 people – the first time this has happened since early January, at the peak of the second wave.

Some 50 of the 315 local authority areas in England (16%) are currently recording Covid-19 case rates that are higher than any point since mass testing began, PA analysis shows.  Eight of these are in north-east England: Redcar & Cleveland (1,268.0 cases per 100,000 people – the highest anywhere in England); Middlesbrough (1,178.9); Hartlepool (1,061.3); Sunderland (1,036.7); Stockton-on-Tees (944.5); Darlington (863.3); County Durham (783.3); and Northumberland (674.6). In neighbouring Yorkshire & the Humber, six areas currently have record rates: Doncaster (729.1), Wakefield (667.2), Leeds (599.4), Richmondshire (575.1), Hambleton (552.4) and East Riding of Yorkshire (517.9).

Guardian report

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Bangladesh: new study shows 80% percent of children infected by Delta are under 10 years of age

The Chittagong study included children from newborns to 18-year-olds infected with coronavirus. The study found that 80 percent of the affected children are under 10 years of age. Delta variants have been identified in infants as young as eight months old.

The Sars-CoV-2 Delta variant is increasing corona infection among children in Chittagong. Of the 12 children who were recently selected for the coronavirus study, all were found to be infected with the Delta variant. The data was obtained by sequencing the genomes of 12 randomly selected children from Chittagong Maternal and Child Hospital and Chittagong General Hospital in the first week of June to July.

According to another study by the research team, 80 percent of adult Covid-19 patients are men, but children are the exception. Children are equally infected and infected with this variant. The presence of this variant was observed in 50 percent of boys and 50 percent of girls. Ninety-five percent of the children had fever and 60 percent had a cold and cough. However, one child was completely asymptomatic.

The head of the Corona unit of the General Hospital, Abdur Rab Masum said, “It is a matter of great concern that the level of covid among children is increasing. In this case, the need for specialized intensive care centers for children may increase in the coming days and the whole family should be more vigilant in the interest of children.

The report



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Financial Times: Monday is surrender day, not freedom day, in England

Financial Times: Monday is surrender day, not freedom day, in England

“Mass infection risks swamping hospitals, decimating workforces, sickening the young and weak, and creating vaccine-resistant variants — all of which could lead to further lockdowns and, ultimately, less freedom. This is not learning to live with Covid-19 but caving in to it.” opinion piece


English Freedom Day: Lions led by Zombies


UK: London sees a large rise in coronavirus cases as Freedom Day looms


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English Freedom Day: Lions led by Zombies

A short reminder of what happened after “Freedom Day” was announced in the Czech Republic on July 2nd 2020:


 Covid-19 cases after “Freedom Day” in the Czech Republic in 2020:

 Covid-19 deaths after “Freedom Day” in the Czech Republic in July 2020:

English Freedom Day – Lions led by Zombies.


UK: International summit condemns Boris Johnson’s THIRD Covid-19 catastrophe

Boris Johnson’s “Freedom Day” plan to create herd immunity in the UK by having one huge summer Delta wave has been rightly criticised from scientists from around the globe. According to the UK’s Chief Medical Officer, the idea is that a Covid-19 wave in the summer will prevent an even worse wave in the winter.  Our prediction is that Johnson will simply get two waves for the price of one – the wave he is promoting now, by removing all mitigations, and an even worse winter wave caused by yet another new variant.

Watch this space.


India: children returning to hospitals with long-covid symptoms like breathlessness, headaches, say Delhi doctors

Dr Nameet Jerath, Senior Consultant, Pediatric Intensive Care, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi, said most children previously infected with coronavirus have had mild Covid, but stressed that even those who were asymptomatic are having prolonged low grade fevers, weakness, headache even after recovery.

Dr Shuchin Bajaj, Founder-Director, Ujala Cygnus Group of Hospitals, said that children are facing the issue of brain fogging and are unable to remember what they studied.

“They do not have much energy left, are stressed, anxious. Parents might confuse brain fogging with children trying to make excuses to not study or attend online classes, but these are real symptoms,” he said.

Bajaj also said that in children who had severe Covid, symptoms like shortness of breath, developing severe heart rate even while going to toilet, severe headaches were found.

“These symptoms were found to be persisting for three to four months,” he added. report




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