New #coronavirus variant #B1525 with #E484K, #Q677H, #F888L and a similar deletions to #B117

International lineage with variants of biological significance E484K, Q677H, F888L and a similar suite of deletions to B.1.1.7.

Countries reported 2
Countries with sequences 10
Sequence count 102
Countries: Denmark 35,  United Kingdom 32,  Nigeria 12,  United States of America 7,  France 5,  Ghana 4,  Australia 2,  Canada 2,  Jordan 2,  Spain 1 report


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Four #coronavirus infections found aboard a TUI cruise ship in the Mediterranean

Four coronavirus cases have been found on board the cruise ship “Mein Schiff 2” operated by the Hamburg shipping company TUI Cruises. The passengers affected and their 20 contact persons are now on land and in quarantine in the Canary Islands.

The Hamburg shipping company TUI Cruises is slowly trying to get the cruise fleet back on track with strict requirements. Passengers must present a negative corona test before departing for the Canary Islands. Only 60 percent of the beds on board are occupied so that more distance can be maintained. report


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Catalonia schools closed and school groups confined after fresh #coronavirus outbreaks

The students confined in Catalonia due to the Covid, after several days of continuous decline, have increased by 279 compared to yesterday and this Thursday they are 34,275 (2.38% of the total). The number of teachers and PAS staff in schools that are in quarantine today are 1,640 (1.03% of the total), 36 less than yesterday, while that of external personnel is 66, five less than yesterday.

This Thursday [11 February 2021], 13 more school groups are confined than yesterday, with a figure that rises to 1,488 (2.07% of the total), and the same 5 educational centers that were closed yesterday Wednesday are still completely closed for epidemiological reasons, which represents an affectation in 0.1% of all schools and institutes in Catalonia

El Periodico Report


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#Coronavirus outbreak at #Girona #carehome affects 23 of 29 vaccinated residents

A Covid-19 outbreak detected on January 24 at the Sant Jordi de Celrà geriatric residence in Girona, Spain already affects 23 of the 29 users and 11 workers at the center. The residents and staff received their first dose of the vaccine on January 7th 2021.

The first of the infections was known this past Sunday during one of the routine screenings that are carried out weekly to professionals in this type of center.


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3,100 #mink from Galicia, #Spain farm affected by #Covid19 gassed

The 3,100 mink were at a farm in A Baña (A Coruña) where employees had tested positive for Covid-19

This weekend the 3,100 mink which comprised the total stock of the mink farm ( 2,500 females and 600 males) were killed using the same gasification process as is normally used in order to obtain the fur pelts for which the animals are reared.

The bodies were taken to the Gesuga waste treatment plant in Cerceda for incineration.

According to the authorities the likely source of the infection was the two people who look after the mink at the farm: after the outbreak was detected both returned negative PCR tests but positive results in antibody testing, indicating that they had previously been infected although without symptoms.


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Early warnings of #COVID19 outbreaks across Europe from social media

“We analyze data from Twitter to uncover early-warning signals of COVID-19 outbreaks in Europe in the winter season 2019–2020, before the first public announcements of local sources of infection were made. We show evidence that unexpected levels of concerns about cases of pneumonia were raised across a number of European countries. Whistleblowing came primarily from the geographical regions that eventually turned out to be the key breeding grounds for infections. These findings point to the urgency of setting up an integrated digital surveillance system in which social media can help geo-localize chains of contagion that would otherwise proliferate almost completely undetected.”


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If just 10% of #coronavirus patients suffer from #longhaul #covid….

The USA, with 25,700,000 infections so far, would have 2,570,000 long haulers

The UK, with 3,600,000 infections far, would have 360,000 long haulers

Germany, with 2,100,000 infections so far, would have 210,000 long haulers

France, with 3,000,000 infections so far, would have 300,000 long haulers

Spain, with 2,600,000 infections so far would have 260,000 long haulers

Russia, with 3,700,000 infections so far, would have 370,000 long haulers

Brazil, with 8,800,000 infections so far, would have 880,000 long haulers

Planet Earth, with nearly 100,000,000 infections so far, would have 10,000,000 long haulers

Lancet: “Our findings showed that 76% of patients reported at least one symptom at 6 months after symptom onset, and the proportion was higher in women.”


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New Zealand woman tests positive for #coronavirus 2 days AFTER her quarantine period ended. #B117 suspected

The new case of Covid-19 in the NZ community is a 56-year-old woman. She travelled to Spain and the Netherlands late last year before returning to NZ on December 30.

She went through MIQ at Auckland’s Pullman Hotel and was released on January 13 after testing negative.

She then travelled around the southern part of Northland, to about 30 different locations in areas around Mangawhai, Dargaville and Helensville, and became symptomatic on January 15.

The strain is unknown but officials are acting on the assumption it is one of the new, more transmissible strains. She has four close contacts who have been tested and are isolating.


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Hospitals in #Madrid, #Cantabria detect 20% #B117 among new cases of #Covid19

The new variant of the coronavirus discovered in the United Kingdom, considered between 30% and 50% more contagious by various studies and now also suspected of being more lethal, is spreading through Spain faster than the system sanitary is capable of monitoring. In some areas, such as Cantabria or the northeast of the Community of Madrid, it already accounts for 20% of new infections , according to estimates from reference hospitals based on tests carried out on their patients. The official data on the impact of the strain, however, are almost testimonial and the Ministry of Health only considers 205 confirmed cases.


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Natural #SARSCoV2 infection of ferrets in Spain

“We found SARS-CoV-2 RNA in 6 of 71 ferrets (8.4%) and isolated the virus from one rectal swab. Natural SARS-CoV-2 infection does occur in kept ferrets, at least under circumstances of high viral circulation in the human population. However, small ferret collections are probably unable to maintain prolonged virus circulation.”


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60 million confirmed #coronavirus infections globally, and the rate is still increasing

There have now been more than 60,000,000 confirmed coronavirus infections globally and the infection rate is still increasing.