Massachusetts: Vaccine breakthrough cases double in one month to 32,345

Massachusetts vaccine breakthrough case numbers have more than doubled in one month, from 15,739 breakthrough cases on the 25th August 2021, to 32,345 on September 22nd 2021.

On 25th August 2021, there were 15,739 breakthrough cases and 131 deaths. Link

On 7th September 2021, there were 23,858 breakthrough cases and 162 deaths. Link

On 15th September 2021, there were 27,777 breakthrough cases and 194 deaths. Link

On 15th September 2021, there were 32,345 breakthrough cases and 217 deaths. Link




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USA: 40% vaccine breakthrough in Massachusetts last week

Breakthrough infections accounted for about 40% of all cases reported in Massachusetts last week. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has tracked a cumulative 19,443 confirmed COVID-19 infections among those fully vaccinated in the state to date and a total of 144 deaths. report




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USA: At least 125,000 vaccine breakthrough infections, 1,400 dead

At least 125,000 fully vaccinated Americans have tested positive for Covid and 1,400 of those have died, according to data collected by NBC News.  The total number of breakthrough cases is likely higher than 125,683, since nine states, including Pennsylvania and Missouri, did not provide any information, while 11, like Florida, did not provide death and hospitalization totals. Four states gave death and hospitalization numbers, but not the full tally of cases.

NBC report


WAPO: 35,000 symptomatic Covid-19 infections per week among 162 million vaccinated Americans

USA: Cape Cod superspreader – 79% of breakthrough infections symptomatic, 80% of hospitalized were fully vaccinated

Scientists researching the Provincetown, Cape Cod Covid outbreak reported that 79 percent of the breakthrough infections were symptomatic. Four of five people who were hospitalized were fully vaccinated.

The CDC study “raises the very worrisome possibility that high viral loads can occur in people who have Delta, and this is a fundamental as we have to approach the fall and winter,” said David O’Connor, a professor of pathology and laboratory medicine at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.

Washington Post report



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USA: Provincetown, Cape Cod outbreak – 882 infections, 74% fully immunized, most reporting symptoms

As of Thursday, 882 people were tied to the Provincetown outbreak. Among those living in Massachusetts, 74% of them were fully immunized, yet officials said the vast majority were also reporting symptoms. Seven people were reported hospitalized.

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CDC Report





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Massachussetts: 42% vaccine breakthrough in Cambridge, MA

New infections among Cambridge residents have increased in July, with 83 confirmed and probable cases reported so far this month (July 1-20), according to the Cambridge Public Health Department.  Of these 83 confirmed or probable cases, 42% were vaccine “breakthrough” cases, meaning they were fully vaccinated but still got infected. report



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Massachusetts: 5,166 vaccine breakthrough cases, 80 deaths

More than 5,000 breakthrough COVID infections have been reported in Massachusetts, according to the latest Department of Public Health data.  A total of 5,166 breakthrough cases have been reported through July 17, resulting in 80 deaths. A week ago, there were 4,450 cases and 79 deaths reported among fully vaccinated people. report

Editor’s note: 4,450 to 5,166 vaccine breakthrough cases is a 16% increase in one week

Massachusetts: more than 4,300 #coronavirus breakthrough cases reported – up 28% in a week



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Massachusetts: more than 4,300 #coronavirus breakthrough cases reported – up 28% in a week

There have been more than 4,300 breakthrough cases reported in Massachusetts as of May 31, according to the state Department of Public Health. report -more than 4,300 vaccine breakthrough cases

4,300 breakthrough cases is an increase of about 28% on the last figure of 3,343 breakthrough cases reported in Massachusetts on the 23rd May 2021:

Massachusetts 3,343 vaccine breakthrough cases




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Detection of 54 cases of the P.1 variant in Massachusetts in less than a month

All three global VoCs (B.1.1.7, B.1.351, and P.1) have now been detected in MA. However, unlike B.1.1.7 and B.1.351, P.1 has shown a rapid rise in frequency in the few weeks following its first detection on March 16th, 2021.  Phylogenetic analysis of these 54 P.1 genomes from MA, alongside four additional P.1 genomes from neighbouring states (two from Connecticut (CT) and one each from Maine (ME) and Rhode Island (RI)) and 895 other global P.1 sequences from GISAID, 6 1 suggests at least six introductions of P.1 into MA and at least eight introductions of P.1 into the New England region, likely from both international and domestic sources. preprint  – Detection of a large cluster and multiple introductions of the P.1 SARS-CoV-2 Variant of Concern in Massachusetts


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App detects coronavirus by cough

New MIT app detects #coronavirus by listening to your cough. 98.5% accurate.

Researchers have developed a new artificial intelligence (AI) system which they claim can detect coronavirus by analysing the sound of people coughing.

Scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) said the AI works because the virus causes temporary muscular impairment which can cause small differences to people’s speech or the sound of their cough – even if they have no other symptoms.



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