The waxing and waning of the coronavirus pandemic in Europe shows new danger areas emerging

Europe has seen major changes in coronavirus case rates over the last two months. In many areas of Europe covid case rates have dropped sufficiently to allow restrictions to be eased, but there are notable exceptions. The Covid-19 rate in Spain now appears to be as bad, if not worse, than two months ago, and the Netherlands has seen a dramatic increase in numbers recently.

In the case of both Spain and the Netherlands, the rates increased following the decision to unlock their countries too quickly, and in both cases those decisions have had to reversed within weeks.  Greece too appears to be seeing a new wave, and these areas now represent the largest threat to Europe’s strategy to keeping infection rates down.

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Spain: 5th wave of coronavirus storms across the country, curfews set to be reintroduced


Netherlands: the reproduction R rate is now 2.17 – the highest since February 2020

EMA: If you have these symptoms after vaccination with AstraZeneca #coronavirus serum seek medical help immediately

“Wheezing, chest or stomach pain, swelling or coldness in an arm or leg, severe headache or worsening or blurred vision after vaccination, persistent bleeding, small multiple bruises, reddish or purplish spots or blisters of blood under the skin” – if you have these symptoms after vaccination against Covid with AstraZeneca serum seek medical help immediately and report that you have recently been vaccinated.

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EMA: Anaphylaxis and hypersensitivity reactions should be included in the list of possible side effects of the Astrazeneca vaccine

European Medicines Agency (EMA), the corona vaccine from the manufacturer Astra-Zeneca can cause severe allergic reactions. Anaphylaxis and hypersensitivity reactions should be included in the list of possible side effects of the vaccine citing , the EMA said on Friday, several such cases in the UK. report


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AstraZeneca halves #coronavirus vaccine delivery to the EU – export restrictions to blame

The European Commission received the message from AstraZeneca on Thursday afternoon (11 March 2021). According to Sweden’s vaccination coordinator Richard Bergström, it is export restrictions and not production capacity that are behind it.

Astra Zeneca has really made an effort to find volumes to live up to the contract. 75 million doses would come from the United States, the United Kingdom and to some extent from India in the second quarter. Now we have just been told that we will not get rid of these doses, says Richard Bergström to TV4.

The USA and India, where AstraZeneca’s has production, have introduced export bans to ensure that they themselves get enough vaccine. The fact that the vaccine cannot be delivered from the UK has contractual reasons.

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Malta enters month-long coronavirus lockdown. Schools closed, services closed, sports activities stopped, hairdressers, gyms closed

Malta Prime Minister Robert Abela said in a press conference today that:

  • All restaurants and ancillary services in hotels will close and only room service will be provided;
  • Closure of non-essential shops and services including hairdressers, barbers, beauty shops, clothes shops, furniture and jewellery shops, toyshops and florists;
  • Crossings to Gozo will be limited to essential travel and those who own property on the island;
  • Groups gathering in public are being limited to four from the current six;
  • All organised sports activities are banned;
  • Pools, cinemas, museums, theatres, wedding receptions and religious activities banned except funerals;
  • Non-urgent surgery to be postponed;
  • Religious activities including Masses stopped except funerals;
  • The measures apply until April 11

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Malta: 20% #coronavirus vaccination rate but #covid19 case rates are spiralling upwards

In Malta, 97,864 vaccine jabs have been administered, 32,862 of which are second doses. This represents about 20% of Malta’s 502,000 population.

A total of 201 people tested positive for COVID-19 overnight. Meanwhile, another 345 people recovered from the virus, meaning Malta has 3,178 active COVID cases.

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