Europe: 2022 summer covid wave already larger than European winter wave of 2020

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Despite an almost complete lack of Covid testing across Europe, case numbers in the current summer wave are already higher than last year’s summer wave of 2021, AND the winter wave of 2020.

During the European winter wave of 2020, case numbers peaked on November 8th 2020, when there were 388 cases per million people.

During the European summer wave of 2021, case numbers peaked on July 22nd 2021, when there were 186 cases per million people. 

This year, on June 25th 2022, Europe recorded a Covid-19 case rate of 398 cases per million people, and the wave is still growing. 


Growth in the current European summer wave is being largely fuelled by nations bordering the Mediterranean Sea:


The ZOE health app is also showing that cases UK Covid-19 cases are already higher than previous summer and winter waves:



As we predicted on May 11th 2022, we expect the 2022 summer wave to be by far the biggest summer wave so far, fuelled by unrestricted travel, large public events and a lack of mitigations.

It’s clearly too late for collective sanity to kick in with this pandemic. Just look after yourselves and those you care about!



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Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

** This post was originally published on June 26, 2022 **