A huge wave of Covid-19 deaths is rolling across the globe *1 Update*

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A huge winter wave of Covid deaths is spreading across the world, almost entirely unreported by the mainstream media.

Scandinavia seems to have a particular problem with Covid at the moment. Sweden has just recorded its highest-ever daily figure for Covid-19 deaths. 503 people were reported to have died from Covid on January 12th 2023.

Even though this high number may take into account previously unreported deaths from over the holiday period, this is not Sweden’s first holiday period with Covid-19.


Denmark has similarly seen its highest-ever peak of new daily deaths recorded. On January 3rd 2023, 90 people were reported to have died from Covid.


Finland too has just broken its highest ever new daily Covid deaths record.


Norway’s figure for newly confirmed daily Covid deaths is also rising:


Several Asian countries are having major problems with Covid. The rise in Macao’s 7-day rolling average for Covid deaths is simply off the charts.


Hong Kong is seeing its second-largest wave of Covid deaths:


Thailand is also reporting its second-highest wave of Covid deaths:


And Japan’s record-breaking wave of Covid infections and deaths continues unabated:


Australia’s latest Covid wave is its third largest ever for deaths:


And finally, in Europe, basket-case Britain is once again reporting huge numbers of Covid deaths to add to its unenviable tally. That’s another 903 Covid deaths reported on the 12th January 2023.


China is resolutely sticking to its policy of not releasing any details about the scale of its Covid epidemic, despite repeated requests for information by the World Health Organisation. Reports of 90% infection rates in some areas of China seem entirely credible, and the numbers of Covid-19 dead will undoubtedly be horrendous.

So what do these global figures tell us? They tell us that the current wave of Covid is probably as big, if not bigger, than the original Omicron wave of 2021, and yet, curiously, almost no one seems to be aware of it. A determined campaign by governments to drive SARS-CoV-2 from the headlines is underway, so don’t expect to hear anything about this latest Covid wave from your favourite mainstream media outlet any time soon.




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