27% of survivors of US COVID-19 hospitalisation readmitted or died by 60 days after discharge

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Readmission and Death After Initial Hospital Discharge Among Patients With COVID-19

“There were 2179 index hospitalizations for COVID-19, of which 678 patients (31.1%) were treated in an ICU, 279 (12.8%) were mechanically ventilated, 307 (14.1%) received vasopressors, and 1775 (81.5%) survived to discharge.

Within 60 days of discharge, 354 patients (19.9%) who survived COVID-19 hospitalization were readmitted, 162 (9.1%) died, and 479 (27.0%) were readmitted or died. Survivors with 60-day readmission or death were older but otherwise similar to survivors without readmission or death”



Image by sungmin cho from Pixabay

** This post was originally published on January 20, 2021 **