North Korea: Masks mandated for the winter to prevent Covid-19

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North Korea has announced a facemask mandate for the entire nation to begin in October and to last all winter. 

North Korea suffered a severe wave of Covid-19 in May 2022. Due to a lack of testing facilities at that time, the disease was often referred to as ‘malignant fever’.

The North Korean press release that we have translated and republished below is the first time we have seen Covid-19 referred to in an official North Korean document.

In the autumn season, the temperature is dropping in most areas of our country, including the northern alpine region, and the temperature difference between day and night is getting bigger.

The World Health Organization and health professional organizations in various countries have already expressed serious concerns about the consequences of complications caused by viruses due to the simultaneous flow of “COVID-19” and the common cold in the fall and winter of this year.

Our quarantine and health experts also emphasized the dangers of the common cold spreading in neighboring countries and regions in recent times, and recommending that all residents wear masks to protect their health from October when the weather starts to get cold.

While closely monitoring the nationwide quarantine situation, the National Emergency Response Command is continuously raising the overall social quarantine atmosphere by promptly delivering instructions detailing treatment and prevention measures related to the flu and materials following the change in the global quarantine situation.

In line with the demands of the heightened normal quarantine system, we are maintaining a general awareness and awareness of quarantine, while anticipatingly establishing epidemic prevention measures in response to seasonal changes.

We are strengthening our propaganda project so that everyone is familiar with health management methods and common sense that can prevent respiratory diseases and consciously observes hygiene and quarantine regulations.

A project that scientifically and technologically refines the examination systems and methods that can detect various diseases accompanied by fever at the relevant medical research institutes in a timely manner, and continuously explores and introduces reasonable methods to promote winter health management in accordance with realistic conditions. are also promoting

Quarantine units and health institutions at each level maintain a high degree of responsibility in the quarantine situation management and treatment prevention projects of their own areas and units, and in order to cleanly eradicate various pathogenic microorganisms, including Dolimb virus, in business spaces, work spaces, and living spaces. The disinfection of the spaces is being carried out more thoroughly. press release (in Korean)



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** This post was originally published on September 20, 2022 **