India: Covid-19 lung infections return

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Indian doctors are once again seeing Covid-19 cases with lower respiratory tract infection symptoms involving the lungs in senior citizens and people with underlying ailments. Lung involvement has also been seen in vaccinated individuals over the past few weeks.

In Mumbai, around 20 patients are on oxygen support across Covid-19 hospitals, and 17 are on ventilators. The initial symptoms of Covid-19 are the same, but in a small percentage of patients, it progresses to a nagging cough, persistent fever and breathing difficulty, said infectious disease expert Dr Vasant Nagvekar. Physician Dr Gautam Bhansali said he has at least three patients, all above 60 years, with an HRCT score of more than 10.

Chest physician Dr Salil said the more severe symptoms develop after the sixth or seventh day. “We are seeing moderate to severe Covid in elderly people with multiple comorbidities,” he said.

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** This post was originally published on August 20, 2022 **