University of Granada: living with a dog poses an even greater risk of Covid-19 virus infection than going to work

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Researchers from the University of Granada analyzed a total of 2,086 people during the closure of Spain, from March to May. And it turned out that one of the most risky factors associated with the virus covid-19 is coexistence with a dog.

The results of our research warn against increased infection among dog owners. But we still have to clarify the reason, “says Cristina Sanchez Gonzalez, who conducted a study on the spread of the covid-19 virus in Spain. So far, not enough information is available to confirm whether dogs spread the virus like humans, or whether the virus is caught and transmitted on them. However, Gonzalez and her colleagues claim in the study that, for example, dog parks should be closed. They can act as sources of covid-19 spread, as the virus can also be transmitted in the faeces of dogs.

Life with a dog thus ranked among the most risky factors of infection, surpassed only by food delivery from the supermarket, which, according to Spanish scientists, increases the chance of infection by up to 94%.



Image by dife88 from Pixabay

** This post was originally published on November 20, 2020 **