USA: Long covid patient engagement and care needs

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A video conference outlining the incredible suffering and extraordinary symptoms that Long Covid patients are having to endure. 

Key Points

  • Survivor Corps is a 170,000 member grassroots organization founded in 2020 to support and educate people with COVID-19 and those who continue to experience long-lasting symptoms of COVID-19.
  • People who experience long-term, after-effects of COVID-19 report feeling alone and desperate due to the difficult and dissatisfying medical care they receive and their medical provider’s lack of knowledge about long-term COVID.
  • Long-term COVID patients want to be heard and believed by medical professionals who are thorough in their examination and testing methods.
  • Survivor Corps advocates for crucial research to be done on the symptoms that cause the most human pain and suffering, and not just the symptoms that are experienced most frequently.
  • COVID-19 research can be done at a faster pace if we engage citizen-scientists and quickly release NIH research funding.
  • The life-or-death struggles of people with long-term COVID illustrate the need to treat this condition as an emergency medical situation—the same as we would treat an acute case of COVID-19.

Please watch the video

** This post was originally published on July 26, 2021 **