WHO: The world’s most boring report ever proposes an end to the pandemic

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 28 pages of finger-crossing, hand-wringing, wishful thinking dross. An epic black hole riddled with buzz phrases, key words, bullet points, legal clauses, minute fonts and pointless diagrams. Ugh.

“Strategic Preparedness, Readiness and Response Plan to end the global Covid-19 emergency in 2022”.  And that’s just the title.

For example:

“Conceptually, these activities can be grouped into five interacting subsystems of preparedness, readiness, and response (figure 3). These subsystems must be integrated with each other horizontally at local, national, and regional/global levels, and also vertically between each geographical level of organization. All five subsystems and the connections between them are essential to an effective COVID-19 response, and all must be underpinned by the principles of equity and inclusiveness, with communities at the centre.”

“The first goal of infodemic management for COVID-19 is to understand the nature of the public conversation about the disease and the measures designed to protect against it. For this, robust social listening systems are needed that can accommodate diverse datasets that facilitate rapid integrated analysis to produce insights that can be rapidly acted on to improve the emergency response and immunization programme strategies. Infodemic interventions can include helping people discern between accurate vaccine information and misinformation, promoting peer-to-peer approaches to address questions and concerns, building resilience in the public by quickly pre-emptively debunking and refuting misinformation before it is amplified, leveraging networks of trusted messengers such as health care workers and community leaders, and partnering with factchecking and civil society organizations.”


Incredibly, this single sentence is all the report has to say about Long Covid:

“Improved detection of the Post-COVID-19 Condition (Long COVID) will be necessary to reduce long-term morbidity even after the pandemic has ended.”


Seriously, why bother printing it if you don’t want anyone to read it? 


There’s a congratulatory mention in this post for the first person to email us something worth repeating from the report:



The terminally bored can download the report here




Image by Sammy-Sander from Pixabay

** This post was originally published on March 31, 2022 **