Pfizer: Only 31% of US population is vaccinated for Covid

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Pfizer’s latest quarterly report has some very unexpected data indeed.

Pfizer’s latest quarterly report, dated December 2022, suggests that just 31% of Americans are vaccinated:

Pfizer’s quarterly report for December 2022 is downloadable here


Which is odd, because the CDC are under the impression that nearly 70% of the population are vaccinated with at least two doses


And 81% of the American population has had at least one dose of vaccine:


But only 15.5% of the US population has had a bivalent booster according to the CDC


CDC Vaccine tracker


We note that the term ‘fully vaccinated’ has now vanished from official usage, no one seems to know what it means anyhow, but are Pfizer seriously suggesting that only those people with multiple boosters are the ‘vaccinated’ now?

We must assume so, because, in 2023, the total number of ‘vaccinated’ drops by a whopping seven percent, to just 24%, according to the quarterly report.



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Image by Sabine Felidae from Pixabay

** This post was originally published on February 2, 2023 **