Censored by Youtube: Project Veritas/Pfizer video – *10 Updates*

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Pfizer exec: Why don’t we just mutate the virus ourselves?.

Pfizer executive Jordon Trishton Walker reveals details of the deliberate mutation or “directed evolution” of SARS-CoV-2 in Pfizer labs, and the revolving door between Pfizer staff and its regulators.



UPDATE 1: Jordon Trishton Walker discovers his conversations have been recorded by Project Veritas.

In what must surely rank as one of the worst alibis in recorded human history, Trishton Walker claims he was lying because he thought he was on a date.


Project Veritas homepage


UPDATE 2 – 26th January 2023 – Senator Marco Rubio writes to Pfizer about the revelations in video

Senator Marco Rubio letter-to-Pfizer-re-covid-mutation-research



UPDATE 3 – 27th January 2023 – Youtube censors the Project Veritas video.

Youtube have censored the Project Veritas video by removing it from their website. Youtube have also given Project Veritas a warning “strike”.

There has still been no public comment from Pfizer about the extraordinary revelations from Jordon Trishton Walker about his employer.


Update 4 – 27th January 2023 – Tucker Carlson weighs in on the scandal on Fox News



Update 5 – 28th January 2023 – Pfizer responds to the Project Veritas video

Pfizer has responded to the Project Veritas video by denying that it conducts gain-of-function experiments, but doesn’t deny that Trishton Walker works for them, or any of the other claims Walker made in the video.

With over 20 million views of the original video and climbing, this story is way beyond saving with a token press release like the one below.

Pfizer press release



Update 6 – 28th January 2022 – Dr Robert Malone demolishes Pfizer’s response:

Dr Robert Malone on Twitter



UPDATE 7 – 29th January 2023 – £10 billion in fines for Pfizer since 2000 according to Violation Tracker

Over $10 billion in fines for various offences since the year 2000 for Pfizer, the company that brought you “safe and effective” vaccines, according to Violation Tracker

Violation Tracker – Pfizer


UPDATE 8 – 29th January 2023 – Pfizer accused of “genocide” by Dr Naomi Wolf



UPDATE 9 – 30th January 2023 – Dr John Campbell absolutely nails it.


Dr John Campbell on Youtube – Pfizer issues a press release



UPDATE 10 – 31st January 2023 – Project Veritas rocks up at Pfizer HQ showing their video on an LED van




Censored by Youtube: Anecdotals movie explores Covid-19 vaccine injuries


** This post was originally published on January 26, 2023 **