Twitter censorship returns as long Covid advocate suspended *1 Update*

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Dark news from Twitter today as the social media network is once again accused of censorship by suspending the accounts of Covid activists.

This time, it’s Dave LC Barbarian, aka @d_bone, a well known Long Covid advocate.




Coronaheadsup has followed @d_bone for over a year, and have found his posts informative, helpful and enlightening. He has a large and well deserved following. We cannot think of any reason why someone who has spent countless hours of his own time helping others would be suspended by @Elon_Musk‘s “free speech absolutist” platform.  

Or can we?


From September 2020:


To August 2022:


Right up to 9th January 2023, just five days before @d_bone was suspended:


UPDATE 1 – 18th January 2023 – @D_Bone’s account is reinstated

Finally, some sense from Twitter as D_Bone‘s account is reinstated. Give him a follow if you are looking for advice on long Covid.



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** This post was originally published on January 15, 2023 **