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80% of #coronavirus infections in Dhaka, Bangladesh are B.1.351 South African variant – on March 5th 2021 there were zero cases

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A recent study by the ICDDRB revealed that the South African variant B.1.351 of the novel coronavirus is dominant in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Between March 18 and 24, the scientists at ICDDRB analysed genomic sequence of around 57 samples of Covid-19 positive patients. Of those, 46 or more than 80% were found as same as the South African variant of novel coronavirus.

In the previous week (between March 12 and 17), the ICDDRB team analysed genomic sequence of 99 novel coronavirus samples and found South African variant in 64 or more than 64% samples.

In the first week of March (between March 5 and 11), the team analysed genomic sequence of around 30 samples. In that case, there was no existence of South African variant. The samples were collected from 13 districts. report


Image by Maruf Rahman from Pixabay