Belgium: “Critical care will soon be full. We need a Plan B”

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Steven Van Gucht, virologist and head of the Belgian science health institute Sciensano, told a news conference this morning that by 6 November all 2,000 critical care beds in Belgium will be full. He asked the authorities to come up with a Plan B.

The number of people being hospitalised is rising at the fastest rate in Flanders at the minute with a doubling every six days. In Brussels and Wallonia patient numbers are doubling every nine days.

The number of critical care patients is doubling every 8 days. Prof Van Gucht says this rate seems to be increasing.

“If the present trend continues, we will have a thousand patients in critical care within two days. At this rate their number will reach 2,000 on Friday 6 November. That is our maximum capacity.”


Photo by Despina Galani on Unsplash

** This post was originally published on October 28, 2020 **