Russian scientist infected himself with Covid-19 twice. The second infection left him hospitalised

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A Russian scientist has infected himself with Covid-19 TWICE to study antibodies, and says the results show that hopes of herd immunity to the disease are futile.

Dr Alexander Chepurnov, 69, reinfected himself with Covid-19 as part of a test. His second infection was far more serious and required him to be hospitalised.

Chepurnov said: ‘By the end of the third month from the moment I felt sick, the antibodies were no longer detected.’

His conclusion based on his own case is that collective or herd immunity is a forlorn hope. The virus is here to stay, and while vaccines may give immunity, this is likely to be temporary.

He says hopes for herd immunity are futile due to antibodies falling rapidly. The Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine professor studies antibodies.

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‘We need a vaccine that can be used multiple times, a recombinant vaccine will not suit,’ Chepurnov said.

‘Once injected with the adenoviral vector-based vaccine we won’t be able to repeat it because the immunity against the adenoviral carrier will keep interfering.’

Chepurnov’s former employer Vector centre is manufacturing Russia’s second vaccine which will require a repeat dose.

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** This post was originally published on October 28, 2020 **