Denmark: Up to 5% of coronavirus infections in Jutland may be a mink mutation

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Up to four or five percent of infections in North Jutland may be with a specific mink mutation of coronavirus that is concerning authorities due to its potential to be resistant to a vaccine.

“In a few instances, the minks that were infected by humans have transmitted the virus to other people. These are the first reported cases of animal-to-human transmission,” the WHO said in a statement sent to news agency AFP.

The novel coronavirus has been detected at 207 Danish mink farms, including some cases with a mutated version that has been confirmed to spread back to humans.

Twelve people were registered as infected with a mutated form of the coronavirus, but the real number is likely to be far higher.

Health authorities have concluded that the mutated virus “is not inhibited by antibodies to the same degree as the normal virus”, according to AFP report





** This post was originally published on November 5, 2020 **