Vaccine Watch – a compilation of press reports and studies regarding Covid-19 vaccine injuries and deaths

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Three years after the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines across the globe, we are beginning to see press and government reports relating to Covid-19 vaccine injuries and vaccine deaths on a regular basis during our research.

We intend to republish links to some of those reports below to retain an archived resource. We will update this post as and when new reports arise.


Reports relating to the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine:

UK: ‘Oxford developed jab that killed my wife, then made £143m’ report, 11/23

UK: Oxford AstraZeneca Covid jab was ‘defective’, claims landmark legal case.  Daily Telegraph report, 11/23

UK: GP surgery blunder led to healthy 28-year-old being given fatal AstraZeneca Covid jab. Daily Telegraph report, 11/23

UK: The victims of AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine. Daily Mail report, 05/23

Scotland: Father with brain injury sues pharma giant over Covid vaccine ‘defect’. Glasgow Times report, 11/23

Australia: Aussie actress Melle Stewart sues Covid vaccine maker over brain injury. Herald Sun report, 11/23

UK: VITT Litigation Group. 80 families seeking compensation from AstraZeneca for injuries or bereavement caused by VITT after vaccination. Crowdfunder website 11/23

Australia: COVID-19 vaccine safety report. 139,622 total adverse event reports to October 2023. Government report 10/23

UK: NHS psychologist died after rare reaction to AstraZeneca vaccine. BMJ report. 04/23

UK: Jack Last died as result of the AstraZeneca vaccine. BBC report. 12/22

UK: Woman died from rare vaccine side-effect. BBC report. 03/22

UK: Woman who died after Covid vaccination was ‘wrongly diagnosed’. BBC report. 11/21

UK: Kurt Weideling’s wife Nicola died after the vaccine. BBC report. 07/21

Scotland: Severe reaction to vaccine turned woman’s legs into ‘giant blisters’. Daily Record report. 04/21

UK: AstraZeneca is facing tens of millions of pounds in compensation claims from 35 alleged victims of the Covid jab in High Court legal battle. Daily Mail report 01/2024

France: Student from Nantes died after a dose of AstraZeneca. 24/3/2024

Italy: Camilla Canepa, who died at 18 after the Covid vaccine: 5 people under investigation. 03/2024

Thailand: AstraZeneca vaccine linked to blood clots in seven Thai recipients. 05/2024

UK: Some families of people who died after Covid vaccination abandon attempt to sue AstraZeneca. Telegraph 05/2024

UK: AstraZeneca finally pulls its appalling Covid vaccine from the market, three years too late. Telegraph. 05/2024

UK: AstraZeneca Covid vaccine death linked to GP surgery clerical error. BBC 05/2024

U.S: AstraZeneca Sued Over Covid-19 Vaccine Clinical Trial Injury. Bloomberg Law 05/2024

U.S: Brianne Dressen from Utah files the first U.S. lawsuit against AstraZeneca. Dr John Campbell interview 05/2024

India: Parents mull suing Serum Institute over daughter’s alleged Covishield vaccine death. IndiaToday  05/2024

Malaysia: Data on AstraZeneca vaccine’s adverse events following immunisation will be released this week. The Star 05/2024

Global: More than three billion doses of the Astrazeneca Covid-19 vaccine were dished out. BBC 05/24

UK: “The government partially coerced people to take the vaccine by threatening to remove freedoms”. MP Jacob Rees Mogg. 05/2024

UK: ‘I suffered a stroke after my AstraZeneca Covid vaccine and am still living with symptoms’. 05/2024

Scotland: Paralysed from the chest down after getting the AstraZeneca Covid vaccination in April 2021. Daily Mail. 05/2024

UK: Pay-outs for Covid vaccine injuries exceed £20million – mostly for Astrazeneca vaccine. Daily Mail 05/2024

Australia: NSW woman dies days after receiving Covid vaccine. Yahoo News. 04/2021

UK: Celebrity doctors promoted Covid vaccine without declaring payments. 06/2024

Mauritius: 869 cases of vaccination-related adverse reactions after Astrazeneca vaccination reported. 06/2024

Hong Kong: Safety concerns behind Hong Kong abandoning AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine. 07/2024

UK: Dudley GP practice admits breach of duty over vaccine death. Redditch Advertiser. 07/2024

Morrocco: Health Minister breaks his silence on AstraZeneca vaccine maiming and death. 07/2024



Reports relating to the Pfizer/Biontech Covid-19 vaccine:

UK: MHRA reports 30 deaths possibly linked to the Pfizer/Biontech Covid-19 BIVALENT Vaccine. publication. 03/23

Japan: 2nd ‘undeniable’ causal link between COVID jab and death of teenager. Asahi Shimbun report 07/23 

Italy: MRI scan on 47-year-old doctor shows “permanent post-vaccination damage”.  Il Messaggero report. 11/23

Japan: Man whose wife died after COVID shot in Japan slams medical body’s ‘vague’ probe. Mainichi report, 11/23

Canada: Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFIs) for COVID-19 in Ontario: December 13, 2020 to November 5, 2023. Government report (PDF download).  11/23

Australia: COVID-19 vaccine safety report. 139,622 total adverse event reports to October 2023. Government report 10/23

Japan: First death directly linked to COVID-19 vaccine reported. Japan Times report. 03/23

Japan: A case of fatal multi-organ inflammation following COVID-19 vaccination. Preprint Study. 03/23

New Zealand: Impossible to say if teen died from vaccine or virus. Otago Daily Times. 04/2024

Preprint: Case of Myocarditis, Pericarditis, and Fatal Aortic Dissection following Covid Covid-19 mRNA Vaccination. OSF preprint 05/2024

U.S: Christine went from being a perfectly healthy and physically active 47-year-old to crawling around her house. 06/2024

Study: Effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccination in children and adolescents. Medrxiv preprint. 05/2024

Australia: Judge in COVID vaccine case accused of failing to disclose links to Pfizer. 07/2024



Reports relating to the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine:

UK: MHRA reports 42 deaths possibly linked to the Moderna Covid-19 BIVALENT Vaccine. publication. 03/23

Canada: Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFIs) for COVID-19 in Ontario: December 13, 2020 to November 5, 2023. Government report (PDF download).  11/23

Australia: COVID-19 vaccine safety report. 139,622 total adverse event reports to October 2023. Government report 10/23

Japan: Two die after shots from suspended Moderna vaccines. Reuters report. 08/21

Japan: Another death reported after man receives 2nd Moderna jab. Asahi Shimbun report. 07/21

U.S: Sales of Moderna’s messenger RNA vaccine fell 91 percent in the first quarter from a year earlier. Boston Globe. 05/2024

U.S: California state recommending pause for single lot of Moderna Covid-19 vaccine. 01/2021

U.S: Soldier says Moderna COVID vaccine gave her debilitating heart condition. Daily Mail. 06/2024

Taiwan: Vaccine injury program to pay US$46,164 compensation for vaccine death. Taipei Times. 07/2024

Study: A case of biopsy-proven inflammatory dilated cardiomyopathy following heterologous mRNA-1273 third-dose immunization. 07/2024



Reports relating to the Johnson and Johnson (Janssen) Covid-19 vaccine:

U.S.: The Link Between J&J’s COVID Vaccine and Blood Clots. Yale Medicine article. 05/23



Reports relating to unidentified vaccines:

Japan: Gov’t to pay compensation over death of Osaka man 2 days after 2021 COVID shot, report 07/23

Japan: Committee says woman’s death after vaccine was preventable. Asahi Shimbun report 09/23

Japan: Dissections only done in around 10% of 2,000 deaths linked to COVID-19 shots. Asahi Shimbun report 09/23

U.S: Lawsuit filed in Louisiana last month by six vaccine-injured plaintiffs against the federal government. Benefitspro report, 11/23

Australia: More than $6.8m paid to workers who suffered reactions after getting the Covid-19 jab. 04/24

Japan: Group sues Japan government for lack of information on COVID vaccine risks.  04/24

Ireland: Almost 80 legal cases arise from alleged side-effects of Covid vaccines. Irish Independent 05/2024

Canada: Class action lawsuit filed on behalf of ALL Canadians injured by Covid-19 vaccines. BridgeCityNews 05/2024

Malaysia: Group to sue government over vaccination side effects. 05/2024

UK: NHS medic labelled ‘anti-vaxxer’ after refusing Covid jab wins discrimination case. 06/2024

Japan: Doctors in Japan claim 37 people died due to COVID vaccinations in 2023. Mainichi 06/2024

UK: 11,022 claims made to the Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme in connection with Covid jabs.  Daily Mail 06/2024

Italy: peer-reviewed study concludes that all cause deaths were higher for those vaccinated with one and two doses compared to the unvaccinated. 07/2024

UK: Mother wins battle to stop son having Covid vaccine she feared could kill him. 07/2024

US: The medical community must stop gaslighting COVID vaccine victims like me. The Hill. 07/2024



Reports relating to ALL Covid-19 vaccines:

UK Parliament: Covid-19 Vaccine Damage Payments Bill. 11/23

Philippines: Department of Health records 9 deaths related to COVID-19 vaccines. CNN report. 11/23

U.S: Surge in Vaccine Lawsuits Forces Biden Admin to Hire More Attorneys. Newsweek report. 11/23

Canada: Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFIs) for COVID-19 in Ontario: December 13, 2020 to November 5, 2023. Government report (PDF download).  11/23

Australia: COVID-19 vaccine safety report. 139,622 total adverse event reports to October 2023. Government report 10/23

EU: The European Medicines Agency (EMA) reported that 11,448 people have died in the EU following COVID-19 vaccines. 50,648 deaths caused by ‘COVID vaccines’ had been reported in EudraVigilance. EU Parliament report 04/23

U.S.: Six in 10 adults who died of Covid in August 2022 were vaccinated or boosted. NBC News report. 12/22

Deborah Birx on vaccine injuries: “Could it be thousands? Yes”. 05/2024

U.S.: Reps. Jim Jordan, Thomas Massie threaten CDC subpoena for vaccine efficacy data. New York Post  05/2024

UK: ‘ Boris Johnson’s government deliberately minimised the vaccine’s risks’ says Jacob Rees-Mogg. Yahoo News 05/2024

Australia: Scientists decode deadly blood clot disorder triggered by COVID vaccines. 05/2024

Global: Covid vaccines may have helped fuel rise in excess deaths. 06/2024

Global: Excess mortality across countries in the Western World since the COVID-19 pandemic. BMJ Study. 06/2024

New Zealand: Nurse fired over anti-vax social media posts denied leave to appeal. NZHerald. 06/2024

Nature: Myocarditis associated with COVID-19 vaccination. Nature Magazine 06/2024

Study: Potential association between COVID-19 vaccination and development of Alzheimer’s disease. QJM. 05/2024

US: Thousands Believe Covid Vaccines Harmed Them. Is Anyone Listening? New York Times (paywall). 05/2024

Study: The direct effect of SARS-CoV-2 virus vaccination on human ovarian granulosa cells explains menstrual irregularities. 06/2024



The vaccine injured are more than just statistics. Behind every report we mention above, there are real human beings who have lost their lives, or suffered catastrophic injuries, just for taking a vaccine.

The vaccine injured deserve better than being gaslit by governments, health professionals and mass media outlets.


Sonia Battaglia dead: she went into a coma a few days after the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine



Image by RenoBeranger from Pixabay