Germany: no second AstraZeneca #coronavirus vaccination for under 60’s – mRNA recommended instead

The German Standing Vaccination Commission recommends that people under the age of 60 for a should receive an RNA vaccine such as that from BioNTech for their second vaccination.

It will be recommended “that these people receive their second, so-called heterologous, vaccination with an RNA vaccine such as BioNTech. Animal experiment data show that the immune reaction is the same after heterologous vaccination,” said the head of the Standing Vaccination Commission, Thomas Mertens, in an interview with the news magazine Spiegel. report

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Berlin and Munich stop #coronavirus vaccination with Astrazeneca vaccine for under 60’s – rest of Germany likely to follow

First, as a precaution, Berlin and Munich suspended the vaccinations with AstraZeneca for under 60-year-olds. Now the Standing Vaccination Commission will probably change its age recommendations for the preparation.

According to a draft resolution, the Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko) wants to change its recommendations for the use of AstraZeneca’s corona vaccine. The Stiko Corona vaccinations with AstraZeneca only recommend for women and men over 60 in Germany.

The Berlin clinics Charité and Vivantes had previously announced the vaccination ban with reference to cases of cerebral vein thrombosis. Charité spokeswoman Manuela Zingl said “From the Charité’s point of view, this step is necessary because further cerebral vein thromboses in women in Germany have become known in the meantime.” report


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