China: Shanghai schools closed after Covid outbreak *5 UPDATES*

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Dozens of neighbourhoods across Shanghai’s 16 administrative districts had been cordoned off, and residents ordered to undergo mandatory tests. Only Chongming island and Jinshan in the southwestern corner of the city of almost 25 million residents have yet to report cases. report

Shanghai was ordered into lockdown on Friday (Mar 11) and shut its schools as authorities scrambled to halt a COVID-19 outbreak that has pushed nationwide cases to their highest levels in two years.

CNA report

UPDATE 1 – 11th March 2022

China has reported 550 Covid cases today.

China Global News report

UPDATE 2 – 12th March 2022

The Chinese mainland reported 1,100 locally transmitted COVID-19 infections on Friday, including local asymptomatic infections, the first time daily case numbers have exceeded 1,000 since the initial outbreak in Wuhan in Central China’s Hubei Province.

Global Times report

As many as 1,524 new cases were reported across China on Saturday 12th March, the second day in a row where the numbers crossed 1,000. Nearly 1,050 of the cases were asymptomatic. report

UPDATE 3 – 13th March 2022

Chinese mainland reports 1938 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, 1807 domestically transmitted and 131 imported

Global Times report

Chinese health authorities reported nearly 3,400 COVID-19 cases on Sunday (Mar 13), double the previous day, forcing lockdowns on virus hotspots as the country contends with its gravest outbreak in two years. report

UPDATE 4 – 14th March 2022

Northeast China’s Jilin Province registered more than 2,000 COVID-19 infections in a day, with 1,412 confirmed cases and 744 silent carriers.

Global Times report


UPDATE 5 -15th March 2022

Chinese mainland reports 3602 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, 3507 domestically transmitted and 95 imported

Global Times Report





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** This post was originally published on March 11, 2022 **