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An imbalance in men’s #testosterone levels was linked to the severity of their #coronavirus case

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An imbalance in men’s testosterone levels was linked to the severity of their coronavirus case, a new study has found.

Hypogonadism was 6 times more likely to be found in the coronavirus-groups than the healthy control group. Testosterone levels under 9.2 nmol/L were recorded in 257 corona patients (89.8%), whereas only 42 healthy men (14.9%) tested for such low levels. Overall, the lower testosterone levels predicted higher instances of mortality and critical conditions in the patients.

Editors note: ** We proposed in April 2020 that human hormones were being manipulated by the virus and that there was a noticeable INCREASE in testosterone levels after recovery from COVID-19 infection that lasted for a period of several months **

Jerusalem Post Article

Full scientific paper


Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay